Your Best Thanksgiving Campaign Ever: Top Tips

The major shopping season of the year has already begun, and businesses everywhere are in full-on fall swing. Thanksgiving offers a major marketing campaign opportunity for companies, so you need to start building your marketing up now to really make the most of the festivities.

Every year there are a few stand out campaigns, which just work. You know the one's we're talking about. The one's you remember year after year, that really represent the brand. So how can you do this? How can you create something which will resonate with your customer base for years to come?

Here's our guide to creating your best Thanksgiving campaign ever:

Make it emotional

Thanksgiving represents togetherness, family, sharing and all those other words that tug on your heartstrings. When you're thinking about your Thanksgiving campaign, making it emotional, sentimental or just a bit sweet is an excellent way of attracting more attention.

Think about your customer base, the kind of company you run and how you can tie that in with sentimentality. For restaurants and supermarkets, this may be easy, but it's doable for every time of business.

Run an auto-shop? Consider running a campaign about family safety in the holiday season.
Hardware store? Market around how your products can help keep a home safe and warm.
Taxi firm? Well, how else will people get to their loved ones' houses after four beers?

Promote sharing

'Tis the season to be jolly! There's no other period in the marketing calendar that makes people quite so happy, receptive and social as the run up to Christmas. Everything is pretty colours, mulled wines and delicious food, and people are far more willing to share things with their friends and family. Make sure that your Thanksgiving campaign promotes sharing, not only is this a great way to get the word out about what you're offering, but it taps into what Thanksgiving is all about - being thankful for what we have and sharing it with others.

Take Whole Foods, who use the hashtag #ShareTheCheer to promote fun recipes on their social media. This idea offers their customers something (namely scrumptious recipes) whilst simultaneously promoting their brand, and convincing their followers to keep sharing out their posts.

Make it charitable

Getting involved with charity is always a good idea anyway, but during the Thanksgiving period it can be especially rewarding. People are more inclined to help others at this time of year, so tap into that generosity by giving your Thanksgiving campaign a charitable edge. You could offer a percentage of the profits from a campaign being donated to charity, or look at working in tandem with a local soup kitchen, or pet shelter. Use your creativity and think of a great way to tie these together.

Third Man Records did just that by offering a prize to anyone willing to donate to their cause. By teaming up with a local charitable organisation they really entered into the selfless community spirit of the day.


Make it funny

If there's one angle which never fails it's humour. Funny campaigns tend to do well, and always resonate with customers, so kick your marketing up a notch this year by injecting some laughs.

Norton, the antivirus software people, show us how to do this:


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POSTED ON Sep-20-2016
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