Will Instagram Video Kill Vine?


On Thursday Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom introduced Instagram video functionality, a move that will place the Facebook-owned company in direct competition with Twitter's Vine.

The app update (available now on both iOS and Android) lets you create fifteen second stop motion videos, in contrast to Vine's six and even lets you edit the frames of the video, as well as remove segments of footage.

Instagram supports 13 custom filters just for video, which you add on completion while the video plays and it also enables users to select a frame as the thumbnail!

So, with this new functionality allowing longer videos, editing and filters, it begs the question... RIP Vine?

My answer is no - and I will explain why...

Vine and Instagram may now both offer stop-motion video functionality, but I believe they will have different uses.

What we have seen consistently from Vine videos since the apps launch in January is that because of the 6 second limitation, people are planning their Vine videos, they are recording videos that are creative, perfectly looped, comical or artistic.

Twitter stated in a blog that: “Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (six seconds or less) inspires creativity. Now that you can easily capture motion and sound, we look forward to seeing what you create.”

Personally I feel that the most creative work is produced when you have limitations, and Vine videos have proved just that, with posts including 'magic' disappearing objects, animation of toys and even bringing sketches to life.

Here's how a few Vine lovers showed their reaction to Instagram's video news...

By the looks of Instagram's Video functionality demonstrated in their video, it seems the brand want users to capture real-life moments, with smooth rendering - people playing with animals, jumping in the sea with friends etc. With the freedom that 15 seconds provides users and no looping functionality, people won't be putting in so much thought into what they are going to record.

It seems too early to predict what video on Instagram will be used for, however, I love the competition between the two big players Twitter and Facebook, it's highly interesting and it keeps the social networks on their toes producing inspirational technology and functionality - so let's pray it continues!

What is apparent, is that Vine will need to update their application to allow users to edit or delete segments. This is a great feature from Instagram and it was the one thing I found annoying when creating Vines - if you make a mistake after thirty minutes of filming, there is no way to undo!

What I am excited to see, is how brand's start to leverage Instagram's video functionality to run some innovative campaigns. An Instagram video campaign would be a great strategy to capture the hype of the new App features and engage the already well established audience the social network boasts!


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POSTED ON Jun-21-2013
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