Why You Should Be Using Instagram For Your Summer Marketing


Instagram is a brilliant platform, popular with a huge number of people especially the younger generation.

One of the best times to be using it to market your brand is summer! People enjoy taking pictures in the sun, there's more happening to photograph. From picnics in the park, to holidays and outdoor celebrations - there's no end to photo-ops in summer.

But how can companies make the most of the platform? We've brought together some tips to help you get started:

1. Make it a competition

There's nothing people like more than a competition. Not only is the incentive of a prize very motivating, but the competitive aspect of is great for enticing people to take part.

If you are thinking of running a competition, make sure you add "sharing the campaign out" as part of the terms and conditions, that way you'll reach much more people.

If you're not sure how to get started, here's a great example from Om Nom Nom Cookies:




2. Give it a fun subject

Taking photos is fun, but if you pick a dull subject you won't get as many people entering as you could. Think about the kind of thing your target audience will enjoy doing and work from there.

Even if you think your company isn't the kind for which "a fun" competition fits, you're wrong! Check out this example from Dunkin Donuts

3. Make it easy

To get as many entries as possible, you need to make sure your idea is as easy as possible to enter. In our culture of instant gratification, people's attention spans are very short. You need to make sure that your campaign is simple and quick, any difficulty will result in lost entries!

I'm sure you can all remember a time you got bored of filling in a quiz because it was taking too long, and clicked off the page. If you make your competition too tiresome, the same thing will happen with your customer base.

So, whilst creativity is a good idea - simplicity is an even better one. Think about things your audience might be doing anyway, and run your campaign around that. It could be anything from taking a snap of their walk to work, to photographing drinks out with the girls!

Take a look at this campaign for inspiration:



So there you go! To get started, head on over to BeeLiked. Setting up an Instagram campaign is never easy than with our platform. You can be summer-advertising ready in seconds.

POSTED ON Mar-27-2016
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