Why you need a Social Hub on your website right NOW


“The year of mobile!  Brand Storytelling! Forming the conversation!“

Three truths myths created by brands and advertising agencies to make it seem like they had all the answers in an increasingly uncertain digital landscape. As it turns out, 'the year of mobile' has actually been the last five year; as a brand you will very rarely form the conversation - the best you can hope for it to be a part of it and hope that people don’t (figuratively) kick you too much if you’re trying to get involved in something irrelevant to what you actually do. Oh and brand storytelling is bull.

One buzzword that is refusing to go away, and with good reason as an entire sub-industry is being created around it, is the 'Social Hub'. For brands with a large social audience but a small CRM database, it’s The One, as it is an enabler of knowledge, without the obtrusiveness.

For those of you who do not know, a 'Social Hub' or as we at BeeLiked call it, a 'Social Hive', aggregates the best content from all of your branded social channels, that sit in one place, on your website. The premise is that these social centres also pull in UGC that is mentioning your brand, be it tweets, pictures, videos or vines, to create a harmonious representation of what your brand stands for. Crucially, now that some of the social portals such as Facebook make it a lot harder for your content to reach your followers, the 'Social Hive' is the best way of showcasing user generated content about your brand and driving more people to your business.  Why pay to create content, when you can 'curate the best of the web'?

In an age where everyone has a voice, sponsors, partners, media and employees can all be engaged to participate in a 'Social Hive', sharing their brand experiences in a stunning visual representation, and in the year of mobile, this brand storytelling feature is indispensable in forming the conversation. Winky face.

What are your examples of the best Social Hubs out there? Here's one of ours from SkyBet for the Ryder Cup.

BeeLiked Can Help!

Are you interested in creating a Social Hive campaign like the above? BeeLiked can help! Our software enables brands to launch, manage and promote a range of social campaigns through numerous social networks. Check out our Social Hive solutions page to find out more.

POSTED ON Sep-16-2014
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