Why Running A Halloween Campaign Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Business

Whether you like the 21st century version of a Halloween celebration or you're firmly in the "it's commercialisation gone mad" camp, there's no denying that Halloween has become a massive industry in this country and it's one that's still growing.

The brilliant thing about Halloween is that more than any other public holiday it appeals to people's sense of fun. The serious overtones, at least for most people, have basically disappeared and transformed into a celebration of costumes and sweets and anything a little bit macabre. This makes it the ultimate diving board for you to market your brand - no matter what you are, there's a way you can tailor the celebration around your business.

The best part is, the holiday appeals mostly to a younger audience, who just happen to be the people most involved in social media. It's a match made in heaven. Here's a few examples of brilliant Halloween marketing campaigns and how you can make them relevant for 2015

Cuten it up

Think Halloween has to be scary? Think again. Halloween can be just as much about the cute and twee as it is about things that go bump in the night. Why not take a leaf out of Oreos book and go for a children friendly campaign that will have even the most ardent scare-phone on board?


Oreos went for #nomsters and released a series of videos displaying adorable looking sweet treats made from the famous biscuit. But there's no reason a similar idea can't work for a variety of businesses. Run a bakery? Have a 'cupcake decoration' competition; Own a hobby shop or a haberdasherie? How about a 'cutest homemade decoration' contest? The possibilities are endless and the major benefit is, it's a hit with adults and children alike.


There zombie bandwagon has been squarely in place ever since Romero's classic burst onto the scene way back in the 70s. If there's one genre we can't get enough of it's the zombie genre, from games to films to hit TV shows there's no end to the fad. Come up with a great zombie themed idea and your brand will basically market itself.

Take Rei, an outdoor clothing retailer from the US, they decided to run this brilliant graphic:



While this is a fantastic way of marketing their gear, an interactive approach could have potentially spread their message much further afield. With Beeliked's platform our clients can run a number of fully interactive campaigns to really engage with their market base.

How about a photo contest of your zombie survival kit? Or a 'spot the best escape route' game? The possibilities with this are really limited only by your imagination, take a look at some of our previous campaigns and get yours started today.


Make it work for you

The best thing about Halloween is how easy it is to tailor it around your own business. You might argue that you're a florist, or a plumber or you own a tea shop in rural Devon and a fright fest just doesn't suit your business. But this holiday is like putty, no matter what you do you can make it work.

Just look at these fantastic Halloween marketing business ideas:


Capital One:











No matter what type of business you run, there's a Halloween marketing campaign to suit you. So get thinking and stock up on pumpkins, because the season of scares is fast approaching.

Looking for help setting up your campaign? Get in touch with us via BeeLiked.com or tweet us @beeliked, our team can give you a step by step guide through the campaign setup process!


POSTED ON Aug-25-2015


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