Why One Question Quiz Will Be Your Marketing Victory

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How often have you been tempted to enter those competitions you see on daytime TV? You know what we're talking about: "Text a, b or c to 80050 for a chance to win!" We know there's no chance of winning and we're really not all that interested in entering in the first place, but something about them really draws us in!

Well the reason they're so appealing is because they're so simple. They offer us a great prize for something that requires very little effort. Here at BeeLiked we've created the perfect formula for running one of these campaigns on your own, no daytime TV necessary!

From gathering market research to creating competitive campaigns, One Question Quiz is the perfect tool for any number of situations. You'll receive far more entries than with a longer quiz and people don't need to worry about submitting their own media like they would with a photo competition, it's a no brainer.

The great thing about this quiz is the range of media you can add to posts, including text, images and videos. Adapt it to suit your needs, it's pliable enough that any company can successfully use it. Make it a competition if you're offering  a really cool prize, or use it as a marketing tool to gather information about which product your customers prefer! The possibilities with this really are endless.


You could even use it to promote your content! Simply add in media representing your product and make sure your question is pretty specific, so everyone who wants to win the prize will have to pay attention to your new release!

For an engaging campaign that is speedy and simple, look no further than One Question Quiz.


BeeLiked creates gamified, interactive content for consumer brands, helping them build engagement with their social following, grow their opt in marketing data and ultimately boost sales.

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POSTED ON Feb-3-2016
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