Why Now Is The Time To Start Planning Your Christmas Campaigns

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"But it's still July!" I hear you scream!

Absolutely, but that means it's almost August, and August means it's almost September, and that means it's Christmas time and the season of good will to all men.

Before you know it, fall will be upon us, and the best way to make 2016 a success for you is to start planning your campaigns right now! Luckily, we’ve got the perfect step-by-step plan to making your Christmas marketing a success.


It’s like they told you at school, planning is everything. If you want a campaign that really goes places this year, make sure yours is up to scratch.

Begin by developing a campaign strategy which will guide you through the holiday period. Set up goals and deadlines, and consider when other companies begin their marketing so you don’t come in too late, (remember that many businesses begin Christmas marketing as early as August).

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What will you offer?

Decide on your offers, this will vary depending on the kind of business you run, but it could include anything from a free Christmas dinner, to discount toys or even holidays. Make sure what you’re offering is Christmas related – it doesn’t need to be a Christmas tree, but as long as you can tie it in to the season, people will be much more engaged.

Consider other celebrations

Don’t omit other celebrations, fall has a number of holidays around the world, make sure you embrace all the ones relevant to your audience. Once you’re aware of your customer demographic, think about whether Hanukkah marketing or Halloween marketing could tie in, (this will depend predominantly on your location, you know your national celebrations better than we do!).

Social media is vital!

Invest in social media. From Instagram snaps of Christmas meals to live-tweeting the office party, social media can be a gold mine during the Christmas period. Make the most of it by backing up your campaign strategy with a solid social media campaign. Social media is vital for business success. A huge number of people now find out about businesses from their online presence and if your campaign isn’t digital, you could miss out on a huge number of entries. Not only that, but it makes it so simple for users to share to their friends – growing your campaign exponentially!

Stick to your plan!

Keep to your timetable, and make sure you begin your marketing on time according to your schedule. Fall is disproportionately huge for businesses, with many making more money in this quarter than the other three put together, it’s not an option not to try as hard as possible. Make sure you start running your campaigns nice and early, and if you’re offering a big prize – such as a free meal on Christmas day, consider offering small prizes in the lead up, to keep your customer base engaged.

As long as you stick to these tips, your Christmas marketing campaign will be an abject success this year. And luckily, BeeLiked are here to make sure that happens.


Beeliked is a marketing platform offering easy to set up and run campaign options, that are perfect for trying and testing something new. We have a  wide range of innovative digital campaigns to help brands engage with their existing audiences and reach new customers through the viral and social nature of the contests and games.

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POSTED ON Jul-26-2016


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