Why Add Facebook Like button and Google +1

Facebook ‘Like’

The ‘Like’ button is a simple way for an individual to broadcast to their friends that they like something and thus share it with their Facebook friends.

Companies that place a ‘Like’ button on their website are making this act of sharing very easy. Previously, to recommend a website to friends, would have required users to copy a link, write an email and then select who to send it to. One simple click of the ‘Like’ button and this information is broadcasts automatically.

With 27 million people in the UK using Facebook on a daily basis and the average person having 130 Facebook Friends, the ‘Like’ button is probably the best free advertising that a company could ever hope for.

So don’t delay – put that ‘Like’ button on your website.


The best way to share what you like with your friends.

Google +1

Google processes 92% of all UK web searches, but it is playing catch up with Facebook in the social stakes.  ’Google Plus’ is the new social network that Google has been working so hard on building and it is quickly gaining momentum. Within a matter of days of its launch it already had 20 million active users and is growing at a phenomenal rate.

The +1 button is Google’s answer to the ‘Like’ button. The more people that click +1 on a website the higher up the rankings that website will go and the more people that join Google Plus, the more search results will be personalised according to the tastes of their own networks.

If you haven’t yet added a +1 button to your website, do so now.

POSTED ON Jun-6-2012
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