What's Kred Vs Klout?


If you’re big on social media, you have most likely checked out your Klout score, or at best, heard of it. ‘Social influence’ took off in 2011 with the rise of Klout, as more and more people began to take notice of their score.

Launching late last year the ‘new kid’, Kred, hit the social world and is now beginning to challenge Klout as a serious competitor. Here’s the good news, we think not only is Kred more viable, it’s more accurate too!

So what sets Kred apart from Klout, giving it that edge, which forces you to check your Kred score over your Klout? Here are some of the reasons why we do…


Firstly you get 2 scores. Kred works by looking at 1000 days worth of Data, including your tweets, conversations, topics and hashtags. Your first score is your ‘influence level’, this is measured out of 1000 on your ability to inspire others, and can be increased by other people re-tweeting, @mentioning or following your account. Secondly, Kred measures your ‘Outreach level’, which calculates your specific activity on Twitter, and is measured out of 10. You can earn more outreach points by @mentioning people, retweeting and following new accounts.


The accuracy of the Klout score has often been pulled into question, as it is quite difficult to verify why exactly your score is so low, or so high. For example, our digital marketing platform BeeLiked only has a Klout score of 33 and has been highly active on Twitter over the last 2 months. When comparing our twitter account @beeliked, to a staff member’s personal account, the employee’s score is over 16 points higher when he admits he less active, and tweets infrequently. In contrast, when @beeliked’s Kred is compared to the same staff members, you can see the scores are much closer, and more reasonable.


The true distinction with Kred, and what really differentiates them from Klout, is in the detail and valuation of your score. Kred gives a complete break down of every single tweet, @mention and follow, letting you know exactly what each was worth. This assessment allows you to see what you are doing right on Twitter, and which aspects you need to improve on.



Kred also incorporates ‘Community Kred’, which lists up to 200 communities based on the topics you are influential on…

You can select a topic, ‘marketing’ for example, and Kred gives you a list of the top ‘Influencers’ & ‘Outreachers’, in that particular field for you to follow and interact with on Twitter. Kred also gives you a score for how influential and active you are in this particular sector, therefore, this application is great for enhancing your twitter account in the fields you wish to succeed and progress in.



Finally Kred lets you upload your life achievements, including, degrees, honors and certificates etc. You can simply send Kred a PDF as evidence of the real-world accomplishment, and they will add it to your profile. Offline achievements are a really nice touch to Kred, giving a personal feel to your profile.

Check out your score at www.kred.com now!

POSTED ON Jun-11-2012
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