Vine Competitions: Are they worthwhile?


With the launch of Twitter’s Vine on January 24th, many brands have started to ponder whether the new app is worth investing time in, and how it could fit it into their social media strategy.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Vine, the application (currently only available on iOS) allows you to create short 6-second ‘stop-motion’ videos and share them with your friends on Vine itself, as well as Twitter and Facebook. Simply touch the screen to record, and let go to pause.

People have certainly taken to the app well, and with a large proportion of the videos on #vine being fun and creative, this gives brands a great opportunity to build on their earned media from followers and fans. So far, the app has been flooded with creative content, including 'magic' disappearing objects, animation of toys and even bringing sketches to life.

The technology itself has been around for a while, however, Vine presents 'stop-motion' in a new and interesting form. I think it's fair to say their hasn't been so much buzz and excitement around a new app since Instagram in 2010 (now owned by Facebook), we'd seen plenty of photo services before, but Instagram made photo sharing more fun, creative and simple.

So, just a few months after Instagram was pulled from Twitter Cards, Vine seems to be the perfect response to Facebook. The app is a natural fit for it's parent company- both promoting and enabling short and sweet broadcasts from users.


A number of brands including Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Cadbury's and Trident Gum have already started to use Vine to create marketing content, and with the sheer hype and buzz around the application it can't be long before brands start to adopt Vine for campaigns and competitions.

I decided to run a little Vine competition myself through BeeLiked to gage user interest and study the capabilities of the app. I titled the competition #Myvinevideo and asked people to tweet @beeliked their best, most creative vine to win an iTunes voucher.

Check them out below, starting with the winner!


Vine may be simple, but as you can see there are endless possibilities to what people can create with it. What's more it's fun to use, encouraging people to create the best, most creative Vine they can.

You can see from the #myvinevideo entries above that Vine competitions would be perfect for toy brands like Lego, chocolate brands like Cadbury's (for Easter) and even companies like Huggies, for parents to make cute vines of their kids.

I could even see Football clubs implementing cool vine competitions for crowd songs and goals from the crowd. The app is a hugely powerful social tool for brands to gather some great user-generated content and not only that, the first to implement such a campaign will receive a massive amount of PR and buzz!


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POSTED ON Feb-26-2013
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