Why User Generated Content Is The Most Powerful Sales Tool


Half a century ago companies had to create all their own content. They spent thousands crafting the perfect advertisements, and even more convincing celebrities and public figures to promote their gear. These days, the standard has changed.

The power now lies with the public, and user generated content is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer's arsenal.

So, how can businesses use user generated content to improve their sales? And with major brands still spending millions on marketing, is it really the solution it's purported to be?

At BeeLiked we love user generated content. The public create some truly wonderful things, and brands should be engaging with that. If you're not already convinced, we've rounded up some of the major benefits of using UGC in your marketing:

Customers are savvy

Shoppers in the 21st century are a savvy bunch. They're exposed to every sales and marketing technique on the planet, and they've become experts at filtering out over-hyped products and all the white-lies you see in commercials. They have every review site in the world at their disposal, and if your product isn't rated well you can bet they're moving on to the next one.

What people respond to now is the opinions of others. Word of mouth marketing was always a big deal for local companies, and now we're in the realm of word of mouth marketing on a huge scale. UGC allows people to see that others are using a product and endorsing it - real people, not brands. This is a major selling point, because what people value is authenticity and honesty. Seeing that normal people are endorsing a product is much more influential than seeing a paid professional endorsing it.

You can understand your audience

Additionally, UGC allows brands to understand their customer base better. You can see exactly what your consumers think of your products, how they're using them and how you can adapt your marketing to reflect that. This enables businesses to make adjustments, which will not only improve their products and business model, but will also prove to their customer base that they're listening.

Share and share alike

By promoting UGC you're actively engaging the public with your website. People like seeing themselves, and by including them in your marketing you'll increase to chances of them sharing their purchase and interaction with your company out among friends. This will then improve your engagement and views.


Fun, fun, fun

What's more, it makes your company look fun! And like you enjoy engaging with the community. A good example is the clothing retailer Black Milk, aside from some fantastic gear, they regularly feature real people wearing their clothes on their website. It's almost a grass roots movement - people are tired of looking at models: so here are you guys, the real people supporting the company. It makes the public want to engage because it creates a community.


Finally, more site content and regular updating means improved search engine visibility. Not only this, but it increases your chances of being backlinked from social media.

Really, UGC is a no brainer.


So there you go, all the reasons you should be investing in user generated content.

BeeLiked have been on board with this for years, and we've just developed a brilliant new "as seen on" ecommerce feature which focusses on user generated content. Get in touch with our team to incorporate this into your site today.

POSTED ON Aug-7-2016
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