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4 Mother's Day Campaigns We Loved

Ahh Mother's Day, in the UK it signifies the coming of spring.

Tips To Improve Your Mothers' Day Marketing

Ahh Mother's Day, it's the time for people everywhere to celebrate their mums. To help you get ready for this day, we've rounded up our top tips for....

A Valentine's Marketing Graphic To Make Your Pulse Rate Soar

Valentine's Day is one of the biggest marketing events in the calendar, even if us singletons would rather it wasn't. But that aside, it's imperative....

The Best Marketing From This Year's Super Bowl

Well this years Super Bowl was memorable for so many reasons (although Coldplay's performance wasn't necessarily amongst them), so here at BeeLiked....

Why One Question Quiz Will Be Your Marketing Victory

A campaign which combines ease of use, speed and competition? Sign us up.

How often have you been tempted to enter those competitions you see on....

How To create A Viral Marketing Campaign For Small Businesses

Every marketing manager's dream is a viral campaign which is received well, employees across the globe spend millions of dollars and years thinking up....

Valentine's Day Campaign Tips For 2016

It's that time of the year again; Valentine's Day.

Everything's about to turn red (especially the faces of all us single people when we're asked about....

5 Ways to Make Your Brand Go Viral With Quizzes

Jump on the marketing trend of the decade with the massively popular Buzzfeed-style quizzes!


The Marketing Techniques That Will Dominate 2016

Well that's the festivities over for another year, 2015 has officially closed and the diets, dry-Januarys and gym-sessions are in full swing. We've seen....

The best marketing campaigns don't need to be expensive

The best thing about this century, aside from Downton Abbey, is the readily available well of user generated content just ready to be scooped up. With....

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