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How to run a Retweet to Win contest in 5 easy steps

Great news - We’ve revamped our Retweet to Win campaign tool!

The Pitfalls of Retweet To Win Campaigns and How to Avoid Them

Top Tips For Running An 'RT To Win' Contest

AUGUST 23, 2013 AT 5:32 PM

Why Running A Halloween Campaign Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Business

Whether you like the 21st century version of a Halloween celebration or you're firmly in the "it's commercialisation gone mad" camp, there's no denying....

5 Top St Patrick's Day Social Media Campaigns

Top o' the mornin to ya! St Patrick's Day is coming! That's right, it's time to grab a glass of Guinness and raise it in the air for the Irish!

How to use Vine for marketing

January saw the launch of Twitter’s new 6 second 'stop-motion' video application named Vine. The service, which is currently only available on iOS, has....

#MyBrands Experiment: The Results

Last month to prove the importance of manging your reputation on Twitter, I decided to run an experiment to see how well the brands in my life ran....

Lucky Voice's New Contest Gives The X-Factor A Run For Its Money

This month UK karaoke specialists Lucky Voice has launched a YouTube competition in conjunction with to find the best duet - X-Factor....

How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business

Micro-blogging service Twitter, has fast become an essential tool in many companies social media marketing efforts. With the challenge now facing all....

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