The Marketing Techniques That Will Dominate 2016

Well that's the festivities over for another year, 2015 has officially closed and the diets, dry-Januarys and gym-sessions are in full swing. We've seen and read all the 'best of 2015's, now it's time to look ahead at what exactly 2016 will be bringing us.

We're giving you an exclusive look at the marketing techniques set to dominate 2016's stage. Make a resolution you'll definitely keep and find out how to maximise your brand this year:

1) It's About Quality

In 2016 you're faced with discerning, savvy customers who are more than used to the inundation of advertisements they see on a daily basis. They're not idiots, if you want to engage your audience and turn passers by into customers, you need to open an honest dialogue. Offer them meaningful content, not just a sales pitch.

Search engines aren't just looking for repetition of keywords any more. It's no longer as simple as plugging in as many search terms as possible and waiting for the hits. Search engines look for genuineness and organic speech, amongst other things they look at the dwell time, links and social shares to establish a ranking. To make the most of this situation you need to make sure your website offers something good. Write things you would read, make it conversational and above all else don't make it salesy.

In addition, the rise in digital assistants with irrevocably change the manner in which SEO is carried out, but more on that later.

2) The Rise of the Mobile

Since 2015 marked the first year in which mobile searches outstripped desktop searches , 2016 is set to be the year in which mobile takes precedent over desktop across the world. With the advent of wearable tech and the huge increase of mobile device ownership in developing countries, the takeover really is about to commence.

To prepare your business for this inevitable switch you need to make sure your website is completely mobile optimised and that any marketing campaigns you run are too. There's no point designing and crafting a fantastic marketing strategy without thinking about your mobile audience these days. If anything this could be more detrimental than ignoring your desktop customers in favour of your mobile customers: You might not even need a desktop site any more.

3) Video Adverts Will Start Dominating

With wearable tech on the rise and the continued importance of businesses presenting a genuine, approachable and human face to the world, video adverts are going to be a major player this year. The video trend has been gaining momentum for a long time, not least since the expansion of Vine and Instagram's new video feature.

With Apple Watch and other wearable tech devices becoming more present, companies are finding better ways to advertise to their customer bases. Traditional advertisements can be difficult to read on small screens, videos and audio streams on the other hand work fantastically. Not only that, but they engage more of the senses and therefore more of your audience's attention than just images and words alone. Videos put across an image of your company's humanity better than a banner ad ever could, so get in on the trend ahead of the game by recording some videos of your own.

4) Digital Assistants Will Dramatically Alter SEO

Digital assistants have come a long way since the personal organisers of yore, today we have incredible voice recognition software and all the information on the planet at the touch of a button. With DAs only going to get better and more sophisticated, it's inevitable that our internet search methods will change with them.

Organic, human speech is the way forward and Siri and friends are only going to make this more prominent. DAs are speech activated, you speak to them as though you're asking a normal question. This means that queries will become more conversational, so competitive results will need to be more conversational and colloquial too.

Not only this, but the immediacy of digital assistants will shape the way businesses advertise. You've seen the adverts: "Okay Google, how do you build a wardrobe?" The favoured responses will be tutorials; both relevant and informative, erasing the need to sift through information. Combine this with the wearable tech phenomenon and what you have is the video/audio, human-touch revolution.

So there you have it! The major marketing techniques set to take the digital marketing world by storm this year! Watch this space for more updates as they roll in and make sure to hedge your bets.


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POSTED ON Jan-4-2016


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