#Susanalbumparty: Top Five Twitter Hashtag Blunders

Twitter erupted yesterday as Susan Boyle's PR team released a Tweet for her new album with the hashtag #Susanalbumparty.

The tweet on her account was quickly deleted once they realised their error, and was replaced with #SusanBoylesAlbumParty, but it was too late - it had people sniggering and tweeting all over the world, trending for almost the entire day.

So in honor of this epic hashtag #fail, I thought I would put together a round-up of the best #hashtag blunders


The no.1 spot has to go to Susan and her PR team, which many people are wondering, including me, was this an accident? Surely you would just type #susansalbumparty? But, Lets be honest everyone now knows about Susan's new album release and were talking about it for a whole day! Sure, they had a laugh at her expense, but I still consider it good PR!


A few years ago Blackberry maker RIM released a tweet on their account seeking for new staff with the hashtag #Rimjobs. This was certain to have some people falling to the floor with laughter, I wonder how many people applied?


Chester Literary Festival had a shocker when they decided to use the hashtag #CLitFest. Amazing!


A Switzerland account picked #hobbitch for its hashtag promotion of the new film 'The Hobbit' with its country code! Lol


Hertfordshire Police created a bomb scare after their social media team tweeted using #WatfordBomb spreading panic on Twitter. The team forgot to mention that the device was not viable!


  1. Whoreview
  2. Penisland
  3. Expertsexchange
  4. Therapistfinder
  5. Childrenslaughterhouse


There are two ways to look at these #hashtag blunders and that is, are they PR genius or a huge fail? It's often hard to call, I personally think if you can play it right and make it look like a #fail then your 'mistake' will explode and everyone will be speaking about it.

So if you're planning to be the next #Susanalbumparty make sure to play your 'PR shocker' right, people must think it's an accident! If you believe that this is bad PR for your brand, then please make sure to check and double check your hashtag, ensuring it doesn't say anything it shouldn't before you send it!

POSTED ON Nov-23-2012
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