Spring Marketing: How to Get Started

by Milly Hopkins

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It's finally spring!Time to start packing up the winter gear and pre-emptively cracking out the barbecues. In the meantime, it's not too late to start thinking about your spring marketing campaigns. Cash in on everyone's good moods, the lengthening days and the positivity that's finally arisen from January and February's slump!

Ideas for spring themed marketing campaigns

Use the weather

Okay, depending where you live the weather right now might not be the best in the world, but people appreciate the optimistic approach. Start marketing your outdoor products and use the gradually warmer days as the main incentive.

Why not get your customers in the mood by running a photo competition asking them to spot the "Signs of Spring"? Use your imagination to come up with a unique idea. What generally works well for spring marketing are ideas which celebrate the new season and get people excited for summer.

Make the most of holidays

Whether that's public holidays, Easter holidays or half term holidays - people in late February and early March are desperate for some time off.

We all know how difficult the first part of the year is, so a campaign focused on getting through this difficult period is the key to success. You could run a competition for a short getaway, or think of a creative holiday related hashtag and get people to tell you why they're enjoying their time off.

 Spring cleaning

Use the age-old adage to market new products or clear out your old stock. Why not run a spring-cleaning sale and tie it in with some other offers? It's the perfect way to get people talking about your brand.

The key to a successful spring marketing campaign is positivity. People are beginning to look forward to the approaching season, so play off of that with optimism.


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Tags: Easter, social media campaigns, Social Media Marketing, social media marketing advice, Digital Marketing, Seasonal campaigns, Spring

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