Snapchat For Business: Grow Your Brand

It's the social network on everyone's lips (and phones), you can't afford to miss the Snapchat boat!

Snapchat might seem like an odd platform to market your brand, but it's one of the fastest growing networks on the planet and it offers businesses an interesting new way of spreading their message. Unlike Twitter, where tweets can easily be missed by followers and Facebook, which actively limits the amount of business posts seen in the newsfeed, all of your snaps are sent directly to your audience so you know they're receiving them.

Most people, if they're anything like me anyway, will look at snaps just to get rid of the notification - so no matter what your audience will be picking up what you're putting down. So how do you maximise the effect? Follow our top tips for using Snapchat for business:

1. Live Snap

Live streaming is one of the best marketing tricks and with Snapchat it just got a whole lot easier. Use it for everything from product launches to events and conferences, sending out the best moments to your audience. You can use it to build suspense, by slowly revealing new products or use it to celebrate customers who have won prizes.

One of the best ways I have ever seen this used was by a company who sent out 'clues' to their location as they moved across the city. The object was simple: First person to find us wins.

Want a good example? Take this year's announcement of Zoolander 2, straight from the catwalk:

Zoolander 2 snapchat announcement


2. Make Your Customers Feel Special With Private Content

You might see this as a disadvantage of the network, but actually it's a major benefit; Snapchat is a closed network, unlike Twitter or Facebook your snaps are only viewable to those you send them to ('y'know, unless they screenshot them).  This means you have complete control over your audience and you should use that wisely. Release private content exclusively on your Snapchat. Publicise it on your other accounts to build suspense for what you're going to release. Whether it's backstage footage or sneak peaks at new pieces - you choose who sees what.

This works especially well with TV shows, video games and films - although it's brilliant for everything where 'backstage footage' features a big part:

Call of Duty Snapchat

3. Build Suspense

Snapchat's self-destructive nature is often seen as a hurdle by marketers, after all how much information can you transfer in a few seconds? But in reality it should be viewed as a positive - if you look for ways to work with the time-limited posts rather than against them, you'll become a much better user of this platform.

Use the platform to build suspense, show progressively longer sneak peaks of new products or tell a horror story in the run up to Halloween. People love to be on the edge of their seats.

Take McDonalds who promoted their new meal with a selection of athletes and clever messages:

McDonalds Snapchat


4. Make it Funny

Snapchat is a young brand which means that more than any other platform it's okay to make your snaps funny and a little risky. Take LACMA who successfully built a reputation as masters of Snapchat with their hilarious annotated posts.

They're setting the mark for companies who can marry their young followers with their products. This is especially brilliant for a museum which traditionally appeals to adults more than it does teenagers.

LACMA Snapchat image


So there you go! The best ways to maximise the results of using Snapchat for business

POSTED ON Oct-16-2015


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