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Ahh Valentine's day, the day set aside to celebrate love. It is also an emotional minefield with many different ways to offend. What about the single folks? The newly split-up, the unrequited loves? Is a card enough? What if they don’t like the present? Should I have booked somewhere by now?

Actually I’m getting stressed already, so here are a few ideas from BeeLiked to help you romance your audience.

Get your audience in the mood

No we aren’t talking mood lighting and playing Barry White. Consider setting a quiz to see if they are prepared for the big day with the BeeLiked Quiz Creator.

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The results could determine what is needed to make the day a blinding success. Or perhaps the Personality Quiz Maker might determine a perfect gift for loved one?

A bit of help

Speaking of the gift, a bit of inspiration is always appreciated. Shoppable content, is the perfect way to allow customers to browse a curated board of suitable present ideas. Putting together a thoughtful shortlist of potential gifts saves customers time and stress.

When it comes to February the 14th it’s okay to get personal. Personalized gifts are becoming ever more popular, could you create something for a limited edition product or for a Twitter competition?


Let them declare their love

A photo or multimedia contest is a great way for your audience to get creative this year. Producing a visual campaign with your customers really helps share the love. They can be charming, sentimental, silly or romantic, the options are endless. Perhaps they could share their best pickup line, or the best dance moves, recall an embarrassing story or the worst valentine's day ever?

In 2016 Ryanair launched a competition on Instagram with the hashtag #loveRyanair. The competition encouraged people to share their pictures with a heart symbol. With the chance to win air tickets.

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Down with love!

Yes you heard me, not everyone will be feeling the Valentine's vibe so consider catering for an alternative crowd. Consider the cynics and heart broken too!

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Do you have an amazing idea for a campaign?

The BeeLiked Platform helps brands launch highly viral digital marketing campaigns to expand their audience and grow their customer insight. The platform offers a diverse range of highly customizable contests, quizzes, games and user generated content campaigns, with no technical knowhow needed. In addition, our innovation team is able to work closely with brands to bring new campaign types and features and enhancements to the platform.

BeeLiked offers companies an ever growing portfolio of campaign types that are quick to create, with full design flexibility, performance tracking and data collection capabilities to ensure your campaign exceeds all expectations.

The BeeLiked Platform can help you engage and incentivize your audience and customers across their life-cycle and journey.

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POSTED ON Jan-27-2017


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