Why Use Personalized Video For Your Next Campaign

by Sarah Lazell


With 2017 enjoying video like never before, there is one thing that is lacking. That personal touch, that extra bit of connection that makes the audience sit up and take notice.

Imagine your client opening up an email, clicking on a link to find their own name and company woven seamlessly into a video, or a perhaps a celebrity personally inviting them to take part in an event. This level of personalization is very much a reality and is proving to make a big impact.

With everyone vying for attention online, a personalized video is a novel and exciting way to stand out. Creating a video that personally engages customers allows you to talk to your customers in a striking new way. In fact it could generate a 200%-1500% increase in click through and conversion rates!



Beeliked's personalized video campaign for Dan Brown's latest book Origin.

Why create a buzz with personalized video?

Personalized video has proven that it can get viewers watching and keep them watching for longer meaning that it is a valuable and cost effective marketing tool.

For those looking to collect quality customer data, video can also allow you to track information about customer interests, intent to purchase, and programmatic data. Which can then be used to target your audience even more accurately for subsequent campaign rounds.

Although personalized video has proven results Gartner retail research findings indicate less than 10% of Tier 1 retailers believe they are highly effective at personalization and nearly one-third report having limited or no capability to support personalization efforts.

The barrier is not just the fact that many people are unaware of personalized video, is it that they don’t know how to utilize this new technology and turn it into a creative, effective, data driven campaign.

BeeLiked can help

BeeLiked is a marketing platform offering a wide range of innovative digital campaigns to help brands engage with their existing audiences and reach new customers through the viral and social nature of the contests and games.

As part of our commitment to help create original bespoke campaigns we have recently created BeeLiked Studio. The studio is a collaboration with a range of skilled individuals and companies, which allows us to extend the range of creative services we are able to offer. It means that when considering options for larger digital campaigns we can bring in specialists such as 3D illustrators, film & video production, as well utilize our own in-house team of programmers and web designers.

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