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What Does Engagement With Your Customer Really Mean?

At BeeLiked we never underestimate the importance of customer engagement. We talk about it a lot; here and here for example.

Why Programmatic Marketing Should be Part of Your Campaign Strategy

Marketers will already be aware of the transformative powers of quality data, and how tapping into the right sources can be a game changer for a....

April Fools Pranks That Went Viral


Everyone loves a great April Fool’s and at Beeliked we are always interested in what makes people react to a prank. Here are a few that really got....

Customer Engagement Strategies, 3 Points You Cannot Ignore

Sometimes in the everyday struggles of that fast paced world we call marketing, it can be easy to lose sight of what is really important. When dealing....

Beeliked Studio Launches for 2017

This year you will see some big changes on The BeeLiked Platform. Damian Dutton, CEO of BeeLiked talks us through what to expect, and how they can....

Engagement Marketing - Building the Relationship

Engagement marketing is not a new term, but it is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s ever evolving market. You may have come across the term in....

Core Traits of a Great Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is basically the ultimate form of "word of mouth" advertising. It’s a person that represents your company in the public space and....

6 Tips and Tricks to Improve Social Engagement

When it works, successful social engagement can be a truly beautiful thing, having your customers interact with you on social media will give you some....

Facebook Video Updates To Improve Your Content

In recent months, Facebook has really stepped up its emphasis on video. This make a lot of sense as video is a proven tool for engagement and is....

Create Your Best Social Easter Campaign Yet

Are you looking to do an Easter campaign this year? Here are a few classic Easter themes to inspire you.

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