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Core Traits of a Great Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is basically the ultimate form of "word of mouth" advertising. It’s a person that represents your company in the public space and....

6 Tips and Tricks to Improve Social Engagement

When it works, successful social engagement can be a truly beautiful thing, having your customers interact with you on social media will give you some....

Facebook Video Updates To Improve Your Content

In recent months, Facebook has really stepped up its emphasis on video. This make a lot of sense as video is a proven tool for engagement and is....

Create Your Best Social Easter Campaign Yet

Are you looking to do an Easter campaign this year? Here are a few classic Easter themes to inspire you.

Is Business Transparency a Winning Formula?

It’s no secret that customers are increasingly suspicious of the products they see on the shelves, and have started to question what they are....

Planning your BeeLiked Valentine's campaign

Ahh Valentine's day, the day set aside to celebrate love. It is also an emotional minefield with many different ways to offend. What about the single....

Augmented and Virtual Reality for 2017

It is very likely that many a Christmas present currently nestled under the tree will be a brand new VR headset this year. They are cheaper and more....

Our top 5 favorite seasonal campaigns in 2016

So 2016...it’s been a bit of a year hasn’t it? I think we are all ready to relax and enjoy this festive season and spread a little festive cheer.

Should we be giving Valentine's day more love?

In 2016 the world’s largest 24-hour online sale became even bigger. This year, it rang up an eye-popping $17.8 billion in sales, up from $14.3 billion....

Say Freeze: Mannequin challenge is the latest viral trend

We’ve dressed as killer clowns, caught Pokemon out in the wild, and recreated our childhood photos, but 2016 hasn’t finished with us yet.

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