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5 Awesome Social Competitions From November 2012


CBS Outdoor #Lookforlonger campaign catches the eye

CBS Outdoor's #Lookforlonger competition is set to close this weekend and it's safe to say the campaign has been a huge success with over 1....

Live Streamed Twitter Campaigns Are Creative Genius


5 Awesome Social Competitions From October 2012

Competitions are a highly effective way for brands to engage with their customer base. Social networks are now becoming an increasingly popular choice....

Why Politicians Should Run Twitter Polls

(Image via Mashable)

Twitter Competitions: The Good V The Bad

Competitions on Twitter are on the rise, with more and more brands using these contests to engage their followers, boost traffic to their website and....

How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business

Micro-blogging service Twitter, has fast become an essential tool in many companies social media marketing efforts. With the challenge now facing all....

How To Use Instagram For Marketing Your Restaurant, Bar or Hotel

Photography specialist Instagram, with over 50 million users and now owned by Facebook, is the perfect tool for marketing your business with some....

5 Foursquare Marketing Campaigns To Learn From

Check-in specialist Foursquare, with over 750,000 companies and over 20 million users, is now more than ever a hugely effective social media marketing....

5 Must Have Free Apps For iPad and iPhone

I'm a big fan of Apple products, however with over 500,000 apps to choose from in the app store, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the best ones.

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