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5 Awesome Social Promotions From May 2013

Social promotions are vital for brands to stay engaged with their fans, helping them interact and build a relationship with their customers.


5 Awesome Social Promotions From Spring 2013


Wotf Launch Northern Territory Travel Competition


Lonely Planet Launch Road Trips Photo Competition

('Lonely Road' Image by Emma Serafiina)

How to use Vine for marketing

January saw the launch of Twitter’s new 6 second 'stop-motion' video application named Vine. The service, which is currently only available on iOS, has....

Vine Competitions: Are they worthwhile?

With the launch of Twitter’s Vine on January 24th, many brands have started to ponder whether the new app is worth investing time in, and how it could....

5 Awesome Social Media Competitions From February 2013

2013 is now well under way, and with January blues and Christmas bills now behind customers, February is a great opportunity to reach out to consumers....

Tesco Tweets: PR Fails or Wins?

(Image from The Telegraph)

Predictions for social promotions in 2013

So 2013 is here and well under way, bringing a new opportunity for everyone. Considering that so much happened in 2012, it’s a also a great time to....

#MyBrands Experiment: The Results

Last month to prove the importance of manging your reputation on Twitter, I decided to run an experiment to see how well the brands in my life ran....

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