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Salut! Ni hao! Ola!

Are you an international brand?  Do you have a non-English speaking audience? Want to use social media to engage

fans worldwide?

If so, you're in luck, because BeeLiked are going multi-lingual.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new international languages feature! BeeLiked can now create digital and social marketing campaigns in multiple different languages.

Until now, international users had to translate BeeLiked's default copy into their own language. Our new languages feature means campaigns now come already translated. This makes creating global digital marketing campaigns so much easier for our international users. When you build your campaign, you will be able to select the language of your target audience. The default copy will then translate to your desired language. All you need to do is personalise the campaign with your branding, and you're ready to go global!

The addition of languages is particularly useful for businesses with an international marketing strategy. Global brands can now use BeeLiked's software to build digital campaigns in any language. This enables brands to improve social engagement worldwide, with audiences of any nationality.

We've already made it simple to build digital and social marketing campaigns. Now we've made it just as easy for brands to engage their non-English speaking audience. So whether you have a team in Tehran, an outpost in Oslo, or a base in Bangkok, BeeLiked can help engage your global audience.

The international languages currently available are:

French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish (etc).

We aim to translate our campaigns into as many campaigns as possible, and we are working hard on adding more. If you have any specific language requests please email We will do our best to fast track the translation of your desired language!


BeeLiked is an engagement marketing platform that provides brands with a wide variety of contest, quiz and game software to engage their online audience, generate leads and drive sales.

As part of our commitment to help create original bespoke campaigns we have recently created BeeLiked Studio. The studio is a collaboration with a range of skilled individuals and companies, which allows us to extend the range of creative services we are able to offer. It means that when considering options for larger digital campaigns we can bring in specialists such as 3D illustrators, film & video production, as well utilize our own in-house team of programmers and web designers.

Talk to us today about how we can help create a buzz for your business

POSTED ON Aug-25-2015
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