#MyBrands Experiment: How well do brands manage their Twitter?


Brands_Pic.jpgMarketing on Twitter is no longer ‘nice to have’, it is essential. This is because not only does the social networking site allow you to promote news and offers to an audience that are choosing to follow you, but Twitter enables a medium to engage and build a relationship with your customers.

Whether you like it or not, people are talking about your brand online and these people cannot be ignored-good or bad these are customers you want to keep happy.

You may have heard it said that for each customer that has a bad experience, on average they will tell 10 people about it. Well, if that was true before, then the Internet has made this even worse.

With Twitter, customers have an extremely public forum to complain, moan and damage your company to an audience of thousands within a matter of minutes.

It's not all bad, people are constantly tweeting good things about brands too, but they need to recognised, replied to and re-tweeted! These are loyal customers that are talking about your brand in a positive manner, who you want to keep happy and loyal.


I thought it would be interesting to see how well the brands in my life manage their Twitter accounts. So, the next 50 brands I encounter in my day-to-day activities, I'm going to tweet about with some 'positive words' to see if they acknowledge my tweet by replying or re-tweeting me. If I have a bad experience with a brand I will tweet them with my complaint and see if they apologise and what they offer me.

I'm going to do this using the hashtag #MyBrands and use my personal Twitter account @joemiller_18 instead of BeeLiked, so they see me as 'a customer' and not a business.



There are certain aspects to this strategy that will affect the feedback and outcome.

The size of the brand

Whether the brand will respond to my tweet may depend on the size of the brand. It could be said that the larger the company is, the more likely they will have invested money in a dedicated social media team. However, you could argue that if it's a small brand, they can't afford to miss my positive tweet.

The brand may not use Twitter 

Out of the 50 brands I encounter in my day-to-day life some of them may not be on Twitter. Where possible I will try to tweet their holding company (E.G Unilever) or instead record who I wanted to tweet about.

Demographic of the brand

The audience demographic of the brand may depend on whether they respond to me. If I am not their target audience they may feel that I am not a valid customer or someone they want to retweet.


I will keep a record of all the brands I tweet, as well who does/doesn't reply in a database and blog about the results at the end.

Depending on the response, I may continue tweeting until I reach 100 brands, but I will wait and see!


I started the experiment on Monday 26th and so far I have tweeted 9 brands with 2 replies. Follow my experiment on my Twitter JoeMiller_18 or with the hashtag MyBrands.

POSTED ON Nov-28-2012
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