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Growing a network of followers on Twitter that is interested in your tweets and wants to engage with your brand can often prove a heavy task...

Therefore, a Twitter marketing campaign can be extremely beneficial to your brand. One type of campaign that has hit new heights recently is 'live stream' Twitter campaigns.

This is where a brand steams a live event on their website and asks audiences to interact with what's happening on screen via a Twitter #Hashtag.

Often brands use this concept as a competition, where by the more you engage and interact with the brand's live event, the more chance you have of winning a prize.

Here's some awesome examples:


On it's 9th birthday Phone network 3 had a bit birthday fun with a Twitter competition using 'live stream'.

The campaign asked audience members to follow a live event of 'Pass The Parcel' on Three's website between 9am-330pm.

Live streaming to over 10,000 unique viewers, the brand unwrapped a layer of a parcel that revealed a question on a board, followers then had to answer the question using #ThreePassTheParcel to win the prize from that particular layer.

There were 333 layers in total, with Three selecting one random winner per question from everyone who tweeted the correct answer. As each winner was picked, the brand revealed the winner live on boards with an iPad 2 up for grabs as the final prize!!


Here’s an example:

Who was the director of the film Nine? #ThreePassTheParcel

@ThreeUK Guido Contini #ThreePassTheParcel

The campaign was hugely successful, 'Three UK' trended on Twitter all day receiving over 50,000+ tweets, reaching almost 18 million people!

By lunchtime on the day of the campaign four of the top ten trends on Twitter were answers to questions Three were asking  - sounds like a very good birthday for the brand.

Watch the campaign Video here


Turkish Telecoms company Turkcell ran a similar campaign on Twitter that asked audiences to follow a live video feed and 'unpack' a box by tweeting what was on the sticky notes covering it.


Followers had to log into a 'minisite' by using Twitter Connect to take part, and use the hashtag #TurkcellTweet 

Turkcell wrote their campaign messages on the sticky notes which participants passed onto their followers. The brand also played games with their audience, including Pictionary, trivia, and word puzzles, giving away minutes and mobile data packages to the winners.

To complete the final task you were asked to get re-tweeted by a celebrity in order to win a phone stored inside the box!

The competition was live for 3 hours a day for 7 days in which the campaign received more than 56,000 Tweets and topped trending topic lists in the first day and then stayed there for the next 8 days. The Twitter competition reached approximately 3.6 million people!

Check out the case study video


These live stream campaigns truly make use of Twitter's instant connectivity, trending topics and social engagement. The innovative campaigns capture audiences not just for a matter of minutes, but for an entire day, grabbing your attention and driving you to tell your friends to get involved.

The concept is simple enough to implement and can be used for a number of live events. Simply get a camera and a few members of staff and host the video of the live stream on your website. Not only does this campaign therefore have people engaging with your brand on Twitter, but it's pushing traffic to your website.


If you're thinking of running a live video stream campaign, BeeLiked offers a 'microsite' service, which would allow you to showcase the video on your website with a fully branded, fully customizable page, enabling a Twitter Stream and details of entries and winners. Take a look here


POSTED ON Oct-29-2012
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