Top 3 Lead Generation Tips For Your Next Campaign

Milly Hopkins
September 14, 2016

lead generation

When you run a marketing campaign, what's the one thing you're looking to achieve? More business, more customers, more sales.

Lead generation is the end goal of the vast majority of marketing strategies. You're looking for potential customers, and good ways to find them.

The difficulty is that with so many competitors vying for the attention of your audience, how can you ensure the public will pick your content?

The answer is to offer them something they want, to be interesting and to stand out from the crowd.

At BeeLiked, we dedicate our time to researching the latest lead generation trends, so that we can bring you the tried and tested methods of finding more customers. Below are our four top tips for success:


1. Offer them something they want and make it fun


BeeLiked lead generation game

To entice your customer base into registering their details with your site, you have to give them a good reason. People are more and more private about their details these days, it's far too simple to wind up with an email inbox overflowing with offers and spam, so the public keeps a collective lid on their contact information. To convince them to hand this over to you, you have to make sure you're offering something good back.

A simple data capture contact form, which offers no incentive, is rarely going to be used. If you want details, you need to offer something in return.

Fun content which appeals to your consumer base is the best way to ensure they'll enter their details. Consider quizzes related to your company, online games, such as BeeLiked's "Spot the Ball" or even photo and video competitions. You can target your audience's competitive side with any of these options by simply offering a prize.

These ideas can all be integrated into landing pages and email newsletters, ensuring the maximum number of potential customers come across them.


2. Simplicity is the key to success


Image result for sign in with facebook

Nothing is more of a turn off to potential customers than a huge page of required information with no payout.

Take it from someone's who has given up on multiple online purchases because there was no "sign in via Facebook" or "pay with Paypal" option available. The truth is, people are lazy and unless there's a quick and simple way to sign up, most will just pass on by. Ensure any campaign you run has the coveted "sign in with" available, and include the major social networks. You'll be surprised how much of a difference this can make.

It has the added benefit of allowing you to offer them the chance to like your social media page as well, and subsequent to entering they can then share the campaign around via their social networks. It's a win-win.

While we're discussing simplicity, it's also important to make sure you're only gathering the information you really need from your customers. Long forms will always put them off, so any data capture forms need to be direct and to the point. With BeeLiked, you can add or remove any number of fields into the sign-in process, ensuring that only the required information is gathered.


3. Social media is very important


Image result for social media

Social media is big game in the lead generation world. No matter how effective your email campaigns or SEO are, a significant amount of traffic can be gained from social media. This is why it's important to ensure that all your campaigns can be promoted, or even run, through one of the major social networks. Not only is it a great way of reaching new audiences, it improves the credibility of your company.


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