How Do You Get Busy Online Addicts to Notice Your book?

Damian Dutton
February 13, 2019

Hello, is there anyone sitting there?

phones on a train pixabay

If you have lifted your head to answer such a question during the morning commute, you may have noticed the rows of people staring at their phones, instantly getting the gratification of entertainment, news, gossip...anything they want? It’s not that they don’t want to read a book, they have been meaning to do it for a while,  but there’s that Netflix season that they’ve started...


Cut through the noise

Publishers and authors will know there has been a sharp decline in reading in general, and I’m not just talking physical books, but on e-readers too. In fact the Publishers Association has reported spend on fiction books has dropped by nearly a quarter in the UK over the last five years.

So how do you distract someone long enough to get them to pick up your book?

A book launch campaign must be compelling enough to stop you from scrolling down your newsfeed. It must create what I call a thumb stopping moment; drawing an individual into the narrative of the novel. In this world of constant distractions, you need to throw a digital punch to get noticed.


What if you could give an audience a first glimpse of the world within the pages and create a thumb stopping moment for them as they scroll their social media feed?

The book launch campaign for An Anonymous Girl, the new thriller by authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, is a case in point. We were tasked by St Martin’s Press to come up with a digital campaign that would draw the audience in and allow them to experience a taste of this psychological suspense thriller. The resulting campaign invites the reader to take a morality test, just like the main protagonist in the novel. It’s both fun and yet slightly disarming. How moral are you? Give it a try here.

Not surprisingly, we managed to get the attention of a lot of people with this campaign and pre-sales have been extremely strong.  


Getting anyone to do anything, is hard. Getting someone to spend some time interacting with a campaign is not straightforward. At every stage in a book launch the audience should want to stay and interact. It is no different to any other content that keeps people hooked. An interesting video, a fun quiz, an exciting competition or a personalised message.

The one thing that you can be sure that everyone is interested in, is themselves. If you can find a way to appeal to their desires, then you have the makings of a great campaign. For example for Dan Brown’s book ORIGIN, we were challenged to create something that would activate his large fan base and build awareness of the new book.

When discussing ideas we realized that there were millions of fans that would love for Dan Brown to give them a signed copy of ORIGIN. We set about making this possible through the magic of personalised video and created the world’s first ever virtual book signing. As part of the campaign users got to see a video of Dan Brown sign their own name in his actual handwriting (Give it a try here).

Final thoughts

It takes more than a great idea to make a campaign. Many stars must align to make it happen, but focusing on where the audiences attention lies will always be key.

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