How to use Vine for marketing


January saw the launch of Twitter’s new 6 second 'stop-motion' video application named Vine. The service, which is currently only available on iOS, has created a lot of hype and excitement over the last month.

Twitter's Vine has already been heavily compared to Facebook's Instagram. Both are visual platforms, both encourage sharing via #hashtags and both are social networks. I think it's fair to say there hasn't been so much buzz and excitement around a new app since Instagram in 2010. We'd seen plenty of photo services before, but Instagram made photo sharing more fun, creative and simple.

The stop motion technology Vine offers is not new, there are a number of video applications such as Viddy and Tout that do much the same, however, Vine presents a new and interesting form of video sharing with '6 second videos'.

Of course unlike Instagram, who had to build its own reputation before it was acquired by Facebook, Vine also has the huge benefit of starting out with a major social service as a parent, and I think the app is a natural fit for Twitter- both promoting and limiting users to short and sweet broadcasts.

6-seconds may not seem like a lot, but there is a huge amount you can do with Vine and it's audience. Here's how to use Vine for marketing:


Vine allows brands a new medium to boost their social media output with some innovative content. A number of brands including Urban Outfitters, MTV, Cadbury's and Trident Gum have already started to use Vine to create marketing content, becoming the early adopters of the new platform.

Here's an example of how Cadbury's used Vine to make a fun video to say 'Thanks for voting Twirl Bites product of the year':

Social media allows and wants you to give your brand a personality. Vine enables brands to produce highly creative and fun content, giving companies the chance to be quirky or innovative.

Why not use Vine to showcase new products, or perhaps give a look behind the scenes of your brand. Here's fashion brand TopShop showing backstage footage of a fashion show:


With the sheer amount of hype and buzz around the application why not run your next campaign or competition on Vine? A large amount of the content being uploaded to #Vine is fun and creative, therefore, a competition allows fans to be imaginative with the new app and produces some user-generated content for your brand.

This month on Valentines Day Cavendish Hotels asked fans to create their best #ValentineVine, with the most romantic video winning an overnight stay for two on February 15th.

The winning entry was titled "Reunite Lost Sole Mates" by Chris Lovell - A great Vine if you ask me! You can view the runners up on their Facebook.


Vine competitions would be perfect for toy brands like Lego, chocolate brands like Cadbury's (for Easter) and even companies like Huggies, for parents to make cute Vines of their kids.

I could even see Football clubs implementing cool Vine competitions for crowd songs and goals from the crowd. The app is a hugely powerful social tool for brands to gather some great user-generated content and not only that, the first to implement such a campaign will receive a massive amount of PR and buzz!


With every launch of a new social network brings a brand new market for brands to tap into. This is a fresh opportunity to build a new network of followers that are engaging with your brand and viewing your content.

Admittedly it can be difficult to keep track of all these social networks, however, those who jump on the bandwagon early can benefit, if they produce some innovative content to go with their account.

Twitter and Facebook are a must for brands, therefore it can become quite a competitive market with the big players often dominating the field. New networks like Vine and others such as Pinterest, give businesses a new opportunity to compete at the same level - for now at least!


Vine can be a highly effective social marketing tool if used well. The application is simple to use, but there are endless possibilities to what you can create with it - so put you thinking cap on and be imaginative with it.

It's fairly simple to create an account if you have iOS, simply download the app and you can either sign in with your Twitter account or sign-up with email. You don't need to have Twitter to use Vine, however, I would say the two go hand-in-hand. Create your inspirational Vines and share them out on Twitter!


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POSTED ON Feb-28-2013


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