How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business


Micro-blogging service Twitter, has fast become an essential tool in many companies social media marketing efforts. With the challenge now facing all business owners, as to how well they can use Twitter to engage and communicate with their audience.

Many companies have learnt that they should be using the social media site and have created an account. However, a number of business owners are still struggling to push their Twitter marketing efforts to really see some ROI.

Here's a few tips on how you can boost you marketing efforts for your Twitter account...


First things first, you need to build a significant audience on Twitter to market to. You can tweet all you like, but it's not going to help your brand much if you're stuck on 50 followers.

Admittedly, building a following that you can be proud of isn't easy - it takes some time. However, there are ways to grow your following steadily as you use the social networking site.

Firstly, the best and most proven way to steadily grow your Twitter following is to simply follow other accounts. Although, all accounts you follow should be relevant to your business and your sector, there is no point mass following hundreds of accounts simply to bump up your figures. You want your followers to be interested in the things you say, and engage with your brand.


Secondly, make use of the search function on Twitter.  Use it to search people that are talking about your business, your products or your sector, interact with them and then follow them.

Lastly promote your Twitter account on every channel.  Make sure to have a clear link on your website to your Twitter at the top of page, ensure your other social media channels host links to your Twitter (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube) and promote your Twitter account on all of your marketing material, whether it's in-store, on your packaging, leaflets or menus.


Once you start to grow a substantial following, Twitter can become an extremely powerful tool to connect and interact with your customers online.

However, it is important to remember that Twitter is a social network at heart, and not simply a marketplace where you can shout and force-feed advertising to your audience trying to make a sale.

Your Twitter profile should be fun and have a 'voice', not just a robotic machine that pumps out promotional posts to it's listeners.

Twitter is more a platform where businesses and individuals can maximize their social presence, share expertise, build social relations, interact with customers and gain feedback instantly.

Therefore, use your Twitter account to listen to your customers and to communicate with them. Share imagery of your store, products and fans on your profile and tweet about fun events as well as interesting, relevant news

Last, but not least, use it to interact and engage with your followers, giving a message that your brand is a fun, innovative company, that they should invest their money in.


One of the best and most proven methods of maintaining and engaging your audience on Twitter, is through the use of competitions.

Twitter contests are a highly effective form of generating buzz and engaging with your audience online. Not only can a Twitter campaign engage your existing audience but it can significantly push new followers to your account.

Parallel to this, a Twitter competition will push awareness of your brand, drive traffic to your website, as well as boost revenue for your business.


There are a number of Twitter competition strategies out there for you to choose from. Some methods are very simple and others require a bit of creativity from your audience. The idea and strategy will depend on the goal of the competition.

Here are a few competition methods you can implement:

  1. Follower Milestone - A strategy for increasing followers on Twitter. Set a follower target (e.g 1000) and ask people to Tweet you guessing the time and date you will reach this milestone.
  2. RT To Win - As the name suggests, entrants are asked to retweet you to be in with a chance of winning. After the duration of the campaign has ended, the winner will be picked at random from all retweets.
  3. Lucky Tweet #Hashtag - Sweepstake via a chosen hashtag. Entrants have to tweet with #hashtag and @name to be in with a chance of winning. This could be a simple tweet, or perhaps photos or videos.
  4. Twitter Poll - A question and answer campaign. Create a question and then post it on Twitter, entrants then reply with the right answer including a #hashtag. E.g favourite colour - #red
  5. Creative Answer -  Followers are asked to participate by answering a question from you using your hashtag. The answers need to be as creative as possible, and the winners and their ideas will be chosen by you.

If you are looking to simply increase your Twitter following with a competition, then a 'Follower Milestone' or a 'RT To Win' are quick, simple Twitter competitions to implement and can see a fast increase in followers.

If you are looking to push traffic to your website and create some ROI for your efforts, then a 'creative answer campaign or a 'Lucky Tweet' are the best way forward as you can feature answers or photos entered on your website.

Stuck on ideas for a Twitter competition? Check out my post on '5 Awesome Twitter Competition Ideas'


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POSTED ON Sep-18-2012


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