How UGC on Instagram can be your biggest marketing tool

Milly Hopkins
August 20, 2016


We live in a society where we're inundated with adverts and sales pitches from dawn until dusk. People understand marketing ploys and sales techniques, and they understand how to drown them out. If companies want to make their products as saleable as possible what they should be investing in is authenticity.

Authenticity is the word of the century, and to customers it's basically gold-dust. They want to know that what they're buying is worth the money, and the best way to prove it to them is via people who have already bought your products.

Tie this idea in with one of the biggest social networks, which with new features may soon rival Snapchat and Facebook, and you're really onto something.

So, how do you make the most of Instagram? (Yes, that's what we're talking about). The key is to encourage your customers to post and tag you in the images, you can then host these galleries on your own website, proving to would-be-customers that your products are so popular, people are willing to tell others.

Here's our guide to getting started:

If they can't find you, they won't find you

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The first step is to make sure your customers know you're on Instagram. The amount of times I've tried to tag a restaurant or bar in my Instagram picture and haven't found their username is unreal, and it means the establishment is missing out on vital publicity.

Make sure you're posting your social media account usernames everywhere, if you can print them on bags that's great, but at the very least they should be visible in your store/receipts/ menus etc. Try to make sure your usernames are as close to your business name as possible to make them easier for customers.

This will make it easier for people to tag you, giving you more content and Instagram credibility.

In the above image the name of the restaurant was Ego in Sheffield, and their account name was @egosheffield.

Keep checking

The next step is to religiously check your Instagram, and favorite any posts which mention you. Interacting with customers is a fantastic way to build links, it makes people happy they posted and it shows you care about your customer base. Remember that not everyone will have @mentioned you, so search for all hashtags relating to your business name just to be sure.

For example, let's say you ran a salon named "Sugar Beach Beauty" in London, you should be searching #SugarBeachBeauty. #SugarBeach, #SugarBeachLondon etc. etc. to make sure all your bases are covered.

Make sure you're actively promoting your account.

You need to give people a reason to interact with you, if you're not actively posting then your customer base aren't going to be hugely interested. There's nothing more offputting than seeing a company's social media profile void of any content (except a company not having a social media profile, that's worse). Fill yours with high-quality posts to appeal to your target audience, and regularly update your feed.

The best way to get people interacting with you is to offer them something in return. Social media competitions are huge, and running one will grow your profile and following, along with getting users interacting with you.


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