How to set up a FREE RT to Win Campaign with Beeliked!

At Beeliked, we like it when things are simple and we know that you do too. No one has time for complicated instruction manuals, so here in an easy step by step format is how you can build a totally free RT to Win Campaign with Beeliked.

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Head over to Beeliked and click "Get Started For Free". Then all you need to do is follow the simple steps to create your account!

Once your account is ready it will take you into the heart of Beeliked and you can start creating a campaign!

The Setup

Click onto 'Create a Campaign' and you'll see the wide variety of campaigns you can run with our platform. Click onto the "Retweet to Win" campaign and you're ready to enter the setup!



  1. The next screen you'll see is the campaign setup page, simply follow the steps through.
  2. Start by choosing a campaign name and your hashtag - this could just be your business name or the name of the competition. Make sure you choose a hashtag which is relevant to your contest and business!
  3. Then you'll be asked to enter your RT to Win message, make sure to include all the details, take a look at mine as an example:
  4. rtTo add media simply click the box below and upload any files, I recommend adding an image as tweets with images are noticed much more than those without!
  5. (Make sure you check the box on the right about adding a microsite link!)
  6. Click save and you'll move onto the next step, here you can schedule how many times you'd like your tweet to be shared and you can add in alternatives for variety! The best time will depend upon where you are based and where the majority of your followers are located, however a good rule of thumb is around 8am, noon and 5pm.
  7. Click onto the next page to begin the design of your microsite.

The Microsite

For those unaware, a microsite is a standalone webpage which your customers will be directed to, this means that you all of your entries and data is collated in the same place! With Beeliked, you can easily edit the site to make it fit in with your own individual brand.


  1. Choose a template and confirm it to move onto the next step
  2. Choose a theme, Beeliked has a number of themes and colour schemes available to match your company
  3. Add a banner, this can be your logo or an image of your prize, the best banners match the theme of your campaign
  4. If you, like you can add a URL to your banner, linking somewhere such as your website - don't worry, you can leave this blank if you prefer
  5. Edit the microsite content with details of your prizedraw, it's worth going into more detail than in your original tweet here, however you don't need to write a whole essay - a few lines of information about the prize, the campaign end date and your company will do fine.
  6. If you're a little more tech savvy, the setup offers your the option to edit some of the other features, if you're unsure you can always just leave these blank.
  7. Edit your T&Cs to include any relevant information - such as number of entries allowed per person, the start and end date of the campaign and any stipulations on prizes e.g. - alcoholic prizes can only be awarded to those above the legal age etc.

You're Ready To Go!

Once you're happy, launch your campaign! Choose your start and end dates and wait for the entries to roll in.

Simple process, simple idea, amazing results.


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POSTED ON Aug-26-2015
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