How to run a Retweet to Win contest in 5 easy steps

Great news - We’ve revamped our Retweet to Win campaign tool!

It’s now much quicker and easier to create a Retweet to Win contest with Beeliked. Best of all - it’s still completely free!

Retweet to Win competitions improve social reach and gain new followers with minimum effort. Here’s how to run one in 5 easy steps:

1. Pick a great prize that will have people itching to click that RT button!

Win £1000 to spend with secret escapes Twitter campaign poster

Example image - this can be changed to a BeeLiked contest

2. Compose your tweet on the Beeliked platform. Try to include a photo of the prize to catch people’s attention!

Koala bear RT to win campaign

Example Image - this needs to be of the new layout and could be a gif

3. Schedule your tweet. Choose a time when your followers are likely to see it. Avoid times when most people will be in work or asleep!

Woman lying on a sofa playing on her phone

4. Put your branding on our microsite template. This microsite can be embedded into your website:

RT to win screenshot of Lonely Planet's campaign in production


This needs to be updated

5. Launch your campaign! The tweet will post at the scheduled time and Beeliked will collect the details of everyone who RTs. Our tool can even select your winner at random! 

Exponential growth effect displayed by Twitter birds

What are you waiting for? Create your RT to Win campaign today!


POSTED ON Aug-28-2015


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