All You Need To Know About Running A 2016 Christmas Campaign

Christmas time is the make-or-break season for companies across the globe. Make sure your Christmas marketing is on point this year with our top three rules for a flawless social media marketing campaign.

1. Make it sweet, but not too sweet

Christmas is a time of charity and good will to all men, which means it's a great opportunity to indulge your sensitive side and promote a really sweet, emotional advert. Every year we see companies doing these, and often they work very well. However, taste level is important. When Sainsbury's released their Christmas advert a couple of years ago it garnered both support, and criticism.

The advert, which you can see below, portrayed the well known Christmas cease-fire of WWI. While it's undoubtedly a beautiful commercial, and a wonderfully heartwarming story, some people thought it was tasteless of a company to use such a monumental event as part of a Christmas marketing promotion. They saw it as massively disrespectful of those who lost their lives in that war, and an attempt to profit off of human suffering.

So, the key to running a campaign which is emotional and deed without wandering into offensive, is to ensure you're not trying to profit from real suffering. Don't use real events, or scenarios. Instead, keep it fictional, and use allegory as a shield.

By taking a serious problem (loneliness during the holidays) and turning it into a fantasy, they're able to make a real point without offending anyone, or taking advantage of real situations.

Smaller companies, reliant on community to prop them up, should carefully consider any campaign which could be divisive.

2. Make it new, but stick to the sure winners

Okay, we know this is confusing.

What we're trying to say is, the best way to run a great Christmas marketing campaign is to use ideas you know will work (free restaurant meals and holidays, discounted presents, Christmas themed prizes etc.), but to put your own unique spin on them.

Build your social media campaign on something you know will work, but come up with an interesting angle.

A cool example is this campaign from Lenovo.

By joining the winning idea of selfies with the modern technology of 360 video, they came up with a really awesome campaign for the season. By using the hashtag #Holiday360, their customers are invited to share a 360 selfie, showing them celebrating Christmas. This builds on the idea of community and togetherness which underpin the festivities and ties it with fun user generated content.

Take a look at how they launched their campaign below:

3. Make it long lasting

The good thing about Christmas is that really it's a lot longer than one day. Advent starts a month before the big occasion, which gives companies the opportunity to run build-up Christmas marketing campaigns with prizes along the way.

Advent campaigns work fantastically well, especially via a medium like social media. Companies can make their campaign as popular and interesting as possible by turning it into a kind of long-lasting game. Offer prizes each week, or day if you're so inclined, and encourage your customers to regularly participate.

The great thing about this idea is that you'll have the same people Tweeting, Instagraming or Facebooking about your campaign daily for an entire month - growing your audience.

It doesn't even need to be advent, the 12 Days of Christmas song is another brilliant way for companies to extend the holiday period.

This campaign from Cadbury's is a perfect example:

Okay, most companies can't afford to drive to a new time for each of the 24 days, but that doesn't mean the idea isn't usable! Just think up a cool new offer every day, and encourage your audience to share a specific advent hashtag for their chance to win.


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POSTED ON Sep-25-2016
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