How To Market to Millennials

Millennials are one of the toughest demographics to crack. They're internet and technology savvy, they know what they want and they know what they're entitled to and they're not going to be conned by false advertising.

In today's world, Millennials know that one bad review, one Twitter complaint or one failure of a marketing campaign and a business is finished.

To get through to this specific group of people, marketers need to understand the culture they come from, and they need to speak to them on their level. Here are the three things you need to know about Millennials to create a successful marketing campaign:

1. Honesty

Honesty is perhaps the most important component. It might seem counter-productive to reveal all your company flaws to try to attract customers, but the opposite is actually the case. It's hard to keep anything a secret nowadays, and if something negative does emerge it can spread around the planet instantly and destroy your hard work. Embracing who and what your company is and sharing that with your audience not only builds trust, but it's also an attractive quality.

Millennials like to be spoken to on the same level, they appreciate direct communication, which doesn't sugar coat issues. They respect honesty.

By incorporating openness into your business model, you can successfully appeal to this demographic.

2. Communication


This partially comes under the heading of honesty. Millennials are used to instant communication, from SnapChat to WhatsApp, everything they do is in realtime. They're not a generation who feels happy waiting days and days for a response.

The best way to make the most of this is to embrace all the communication platforms you have available to you, from Twitter to Facebook, Email and Instant Messaging - make sure you're utilising as many channels as you can to foster a sense of communication with your customers.

That doesn't mean you need to be replying constantly, we realise that smaller businesses just don't have that kind of people power - but just by having those channels available and frequently manned will make all of the difference.

3. Don't Be Patronising

Despite what the popular press may think about the younger generation, the truth is there's never been a group of people more switched on than Millennials. They're connected to the world in a way that was unimaginable even half a century ago, and their ability to fact find is second to none.

Patronising this group of people is not going to lead to marketing success, that's why there needs to be a significant amount of thought in any controversial marketing campaigns.

I've seen wonderful companies run campaigns aimed at 'empowering women', which just ended up seeming patronising and unaware. If you decide to focus your marketing on a specific group, make sure you're not being condescending in any way. Even if only a small number of people find it offensive, the power of the internet will mean you soon have an epic battle on your hands.

Millennials are definitely a tough group to crack, but they're also not impossible. Just remember that what this generation appreciates is openness, real-life people instead of actors and to be spoken to on a non-patronising level.

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POSTED ON Apr-24-2016


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