Marketing strategies for the smaller holidays

Milly Hopkins
October 5, 2015

Everyone knows the major calendar events; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day etc. But what about all of those smaller celebrations that we observe, but without the same fervor we show the top dogs? The truth is, those smaller holidays are probably the best way for your to market your business. The major holidays are all saturated with ideas and big players injecting millions into their advertising. If you can come up with a fun, new, creative way of celebrating the smaller events you could really create a stir.

The best advice we can give you is to try and make it as fun and interesting to your demographic as possible, and don't be afraid of celebrating occasions from other cultures - if it's Chinese New Year, why not think of a way to incorporate that?

If you need a little advice about the type of thing to go for, you're in luck, because here at Beeliked we've composed a list of example occasions you could use:

April Fools

Strange one to start with? Maybe. But April Fools jokes make headlines the world over, especially good ones. Even if you're too young to remember the spaghetti growing on trees story, there's no way you missed Google or Netflix's annual leg-pulling.

So how can you tailor this to your business? Be as creative as possible, think about what your business does and how you can turn that on its head. Be very careful not to go too over the top, you don't want people to react negatively or stop using your service - and you don't want to make it too uninspiring or people will just be uninterested. The key is to fire straight down the middle.



Chinese New Year


Debates on cultural appropriation aside, it's always fun to get into the spirit of the festivities isn't it? Why not show your support for 'The Red Dragon' by participating in Chinese New Year? One of the best ways to get on board is to find out which year is coming up and run a campaign along those lines.

Check out what other companies have done and get in on the action


Burns Night

For those not in the know, Burns Night (Or Burns Supper or Burns Day) is the annual celebration of all things Rabbie Burns. As Scotland's national poet and one of the most celebrated Romantic poets in the world. Every year on and around his birthday, the 25th of January, people celebrate the night by performing his works, drinking Scotch and eating Haggis and other traditional Scottish foods. Whilst Burns Night has traditionally been celebrated almost exclusively in Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland, the evening is catching on worldwide and more and more companies are taking it on board. Wrack your brain for good ideas, but some suggestions could be running offers on Scotch Whisky, selling traditional Scottish foods or running photo contests of Highland Games or, for a bit of fun, what about a "what's under your kilt?" campaign? Here's some ideas other people came up with:

Supermarket Lidl got in on the action
So did this soft drink manufacturer

Boxing Day

Like Black Friday, Boxing Day is one the world's premier shopping holidays. Falling the day after Christmas and traditionally the time in which employers would present their workers with a gift (known as Christmas boxes, hence 'Boxing Day') it has become one of the calendar's largest sale days. In many countries it's traditional to see huge discounts and very opening store times, with people queuing from the early hours to grab themselves a bargain.

The great thing about Boxing Day, is that whilst it's a major event in a number of countries, in some it's still somewhat of a breakthrough day, so capitalizing on the growing popularity should be pretty easy to do. Why not try running an image reveal, with all those who guess correctly receiving a hugely discounted version of the product if they buy it on Boxing Day - or you could even try a price dropper - the lower the price gets, the better the sale!

Run a cafe instead of a shop? Get in on the action! Try offering free coffees to everyone who posts a selfie with your cafe name and #boxingdaysale!

There's no end of ideas you could come up with, for an alternative to the in-store rush, why not think about an online campaign that starts midnight the day after Christmas? You could market it as the cozy, alternative to standing in the cold waiting for stores to open! Get your fans to share photos of them snuggled up, shopping online instead!

National Days

There's nothing more fun than experiencing someone else's culture. From walking around China Towns to traveling abroad, it's interesting and exciting seeing a new way of life. To bring this excitement to life why not take a look at some of the world's national days for inspiration? Campaigns you could run are endless, why not challenge your fans to dress up in the national costume of your chosen country? Run an image reveal around guessing which country you've chosen or even an X Marks the Spot!

Take a look at some of the ideas other companies have come up with:

Bastille Day (France)
Australia Day
Canada Day

Quick word to the warning about national days - be very careful that you thoroughly research the country and celebration. Most national days are based on independence and this can still be a pretty contentious issue depending on the country. There's no need to panic, just make sure you've done your homework and read up on the whole situation and you should be fine.

But Be Careful...

Not to keep scaring you, but make sure you read up on all celebration days which aren't native to your country. It can be difficult to understand the culture of an event if you haven't grown up with it and misunderstandings can happen. For things like April Fools, there's really no harm, but I'd suggest steering clear of anything war or remembrance themed as these can be difficult to navigate without offending.

If you've got the guts and creativity to run a campaign for one of these holidays, take a look at our software! We make the whole process so much simpler, all you need to bring is an idea.

BeeLiked is a marketing platform offering easy to set up and run campaign options, that are perfect for trying and testing something new. We have a  wide range of innovative digital campaigns to help brands engage with their existing audiences and reach new customers through the viral and social nature of contests and games.

BeeLiked offers companies an ever growing portfolio of campaign types that are quick to create, with full design flexibility, performance tracking and data collection capabilities to ensure your campaign exceeds all expectations.

The BeeLiked Platform can help you engage and incentivize your audience and customers across their life-cycle and journey.

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