Halloweeeeeenn; 2015: Marketing Dos and Don'ts

The Season Has Officially Begun!

For all of you Halloween fanatics (and let's face it, who isn't a Halloween fanatic? It's the second biggest chocolate eating day of the year) it's time to get into gear and start seriously preparing. Halloween is a dream marketing opportunity, it's popular, it's fun and more importantly you can very easily adapt it to suit your business. So as we start the count down, here's how you can get yourself sorted for a Halloween campaign that's hard to forget

Think About Who You Are


Not in any philosophical sense, don't worry. But you do need to consider just what your company does and how it can best be represented. You might be tempted to ignore Halloween if your company doesn't easily lend itself to the celebrations, but this is an absolute mistake. Anyone can enter into the season of fun - you just need to be a little bit creative.

Even something as simple as talking about your "terrifyingly low prices" is a pitch perfect way of entering into the spirit (pun intended) of the season.

For example, the best Halloween campaign I ever saw was for an air-conditioning installation company. It involved the 'exorcism' of a haunted air-con unit. It was funny, it was well executed and it made me remember them - brilliantly impressive for a company which has nothing to do with the holiday. Don't be afraid of using humor, funny is always the way forward.


Start The Campaign Early Enough, But Not Too Early


There's two types of people in the world: People who love seeing Christmas decorations in August and people who are normal. (I'm the former kind). The point is, if you're anything like most people you know how annoying it is to see shops advertising for events and holidays way off into the future, so make sure you don't jump on top of that irritating bandwagon by timing your campaign well.

My own personal rule of thumb is to run at around a three week rate for smaller holidays and celebrations - larger celebrations such as Christmas I would recommend starting earlier. For Halloween specifically, late September is a brilliant time to start planning your campaign and getting everything set up and you should aim to start promoting it around the second week of October.


If You're Offering A Prize, Make It Worthwhile


If you're running a competitive campaign, you have to make sure the pay off is large enough to get people interested. Vary the size of the prize in accordance with what you're asking of people - something as simple as a click to share or a quick quiz could offer a box of Halloween candy; a photo or video competition on the other hand is something for which you would want to consider a large prize, like a camera or tickets to an event.

Check out two of our demo campaigns to see what we mean:

If you're struggling to think up what level of prize to offer, just think about what you would need to motivate yourself to enter - and there you go.


Make It Easy On Yourself


With BeeLiked's platform, you can quickly and easily create any campaign that takes your fancy. From quizzes to photo competitions and more, you'll find all the inspiration you need! Why not take advantage of our new X Marks The Spot campaign and try out a Halloween themed spot the difference?

We also offer a number of 'instants', campaigns which are pre-created and ready to go. All you need to do is rebrand them with your logo and you're all set for the season!


Check out our example "spooky photo contest":

Ghostly Photo Contest



And if that's not enough to put a smile (or a menacing grim, it is Halloween) on your face, we don't know what will be.
Happy Halloween Everyone!

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POSTED ON Sep-22-2015


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