Fan Engagement - How to use interactive spot the ball campaigns

Milly Hopkins
September 14, 2015


If there's one thing we know sports fans like, it's competition. With BeeLiked's new Spot The Ball campaign, we provide an interactive, versatile and interesting take on social gaming which can be adapted to any sport or event!

The idea behind the game is easy and yet highly engaging. The premise involves deciding where you think the hidden ball is within each picture, the simplicity of the concept means it can be adapted to suit any marketing idea!

Hidden object games are one of the most popular game formats right now, with around 10 million active monthly users! And it's not hard to see why. While a quiz is interesting, there's nothing more enjoyable than an interactive, lateral thinking game that tests more than just your general knowledge. People enjoy games that test them and X Marks the Spot does that in a way which is entertaining and not too difficult that people give up.

Benefits of Social Gaming & Competition

We all love a bit of harmless competition. It's one thing playing a game alone, but playing against your friends - that's something a bit different. With Beeliked's software, players are able to see where their friends have guessed the location to be, enabling them to play against each other to see who comes out closest.

Social Gaming is huge at the minute, around 50% of everyone on the internet plays social games. X Marks The Spot brings that ability to your brand, at a price that won't break the bank and with a simplicity that means you don't need to be an expert programmer.

image 3

1. Adaptable

The best part about this campaign is that you can adapt it to any sport or event, changing the images and the icon to suit you. Football season? Run a football campaign. US Open? Swap it out for tennis, run a golf resort? You get the idea.

In fact, the concept is so malleable, you can tailor it to any situation, event or promotion as simply as clicking a button.


2. Drive Traffic

Spot The Ball is a brilliant way of driving traffic to your site. Users have already been on your site for a few minutes playing the game, by simply adding in a call to action at the end of the game you can nudge the players into looking at your products. On top of that the social nature of the campaign means that the number of people seeing the game and your site will continue to grow!

One click and they're in.



Simple Setup

We make the process simple, you don't need any in depth programming knowledge. Simply add in your own idea, images and branding and you're set up and ready to go!

Setup is simple!

  • Pick your image (you can use as many as you like!)
  • Upload a custom marker that represents the sport or your brand
  • And you're reading for your audience to start guessing!

Are you feeling pucky?pucky image

We removed the original puck from this ice hockey game and players simply need to click where they think it was. You can see the user-end display above, showing the custom puck!


About BeeLiked

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