Facebook's New Reactions and Their Impact On Marketing


Unless you've been hiding beneath a rock, you must have noticed Facebook's new "reactions". After years of requesting a dislike button, the social network have finally responded by presenting users with a range of emotional responses to posts.

Those responses are:

  • Like
  • Love
  • Haha
  • Wow
  • Sad
  • Angry


Facebook has been testing the feature for over a year, consulting with psychiatrists, linguists and focus groups to pick the best and most succinct range of emotions.

But is this good news for marketers?

Well, yes it is.


Whilst currently the reactions all count as "likes", the company are currently working out how the categorise each response. Once this system is in place, marketers will be able to understand in much more detail how their audience feels about their posts.

Not only is the specificity of it good, but it takes more effort to choose a particular response than a like. Let's face it, we "like" things almost instantly, it's essentially now an autonomous reaction. This is what makes the reactions so useful from a marketing stand point - the person has gone to an extra length to give you feedback.

Until the platform announces a method to categorise and analyse this new feature, the best thing businesses can do is get used to it. Note down the reactions you're getting to posts and update your marketing accordingly, this will give you a good head start.

And, just because the internet is brilliant, someone has now created a plug-in which lets you swap out the emojis for images of your choice. Check out the update here.

If you're interested in improving your social media marketing, take a look at what BeeLiked can offer you. This new feature will tie in brilliantly with our Facebook embedding options, allowing you to easily see the effect your campaign is having.

POSTED ON Mar-7-2016
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