Facebook Messenger Hits 1 Billion Users

Facebook have been trying to move people to their messaging app for a long time, at it seems their efforts are finally paying off.

Last Wednesday, the company announced that over a billion people are active on the app every month. That's up 100 million from April - when average monthly users stood at around 900 million.

Facebook also published some interesting new statistics about how people are using messenger:

  • 17 billion photos are sent each month
  • 22 million GIFs are shared every day
  • The app has more than 18,000 bots

But most importantly, business is becoming more prevalent. With more than a billion messages sent between businesses and users every month.

Facebook Groups, WhatsApp and the main Facebook app all have over a billion users, so this is their forth service to make the list.

There's never been a better time for businesses to invest in Facebook marketing. It's clear that this channel is the perfect way to foster communications between companies and customers.

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POSTED ON Jul-24-2016
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