Engagement Marketing - Building the Relationship


Engagement marketing is not a new term, but it is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s ever evolving market. You may have come across the term in a different guise - it has been referred to as event marketing, experiential marketing or participation marketing, to name but a few. Whatever the term, one of the principal aims is to nurture your existing audience into becoming advocates for your brand; looking to make your customers an active part of your story, rather than just a passive audience.

Creating a meaningful and lasting relationship

Now tell me, how many times have you seen a business offer a fantastic deal for ‘new customers only’ and thought “hang on a minute, what about me? I’ve been your loyal customer for years and I get nothing?”. It’s annoying isn’t it? Makes you want to look elsewhere, doesn’t it? All too often companies are so invested in looking towards new pastures that they forget to support what they already have.

We often see companies invest too much of their precious time and energy into trying to create new customers. Into focusing on pay per clicks (PPC) and growing social media hits, and not seeing the bigger picture.

We feel that too many marketers fail to create a meaningful budget for nurturing their existing audience base. It can be quite addictive when you see your PPC numbers going up - but if they aren’t translating into long term sales, then your return on investment really isn’t that great. People today are bombarded with constant messages everyday, and are very adept at tuning them out.

“On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.”

Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs


A customer base isn’t purely about numbers, it also has to thrive

This is where having a solid engagement marketing strategy comes in. In general, brands should focus more on how to turn more of their existing online audience into strong brand advocates, that seek out and propogate their messaging – and, most importantly, react.

Look at your customers. How can you be connecting with them in their everyday lives? How can you be relevant to them? How do you engage with them? How can you help them, and make them want to help you? How do you turn them into passionate fans wanting to spread the word about the great brand that they have discovered?

 “We aim to make our audience the hero. Consumers take us places much faster than we can go on our own.”

Social Media & Advocacy Manager Jesse Desjardins from Tourism Australia.

This is where it gets exciting, because your engagement strategy is unique to you. It is a way that you can stand out, and create a special connection between your brand and your customers. No one knows or understands your customers better than you: make sure that they know that, make sure that they understand they are valued and are seen as more than people who buy your products.


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POSTED ON Mar-23-2017
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