Easy But Effective Social Media Campaigns For Small Businesses

Is your social media not reaching as many people as you'd like? The key part of social media marketing is that it's a two way platform, you need to engage with your users to make the most of it. If you're struggling with ideas for how, social media campaigns can be an incredibly useful method of engaging your followers quickly and easily

Whereas big businesses and companies can easily spread their message around, small businesses need to take a slightly different approach to build a solid following. We've listed the best methods below.

Photo Competitions

Every loves taking pictures. Every day millions of photographs are taken and shared online, we're addicted to it and it doesn't look like the trend is going to fall off any time soon! A recent poll suggested that amongst teenagers Instagram is now the preferred social network, overtaking Facebook by a clear majority. The upshot? Photos are a major player in social networking and you need to get in on the action.

Photo campaigns are brilliant for a wide variety of businesses, from fashion boutiques to restaurants to hairdressers - the options are endless, all you need is an idea.

At Beeliked, we offer you a simple to use platform to help you launch your campaign without any of the hassle of setting it up yourself. Then all you need to do is watch the entries roll in and watch your following grow.

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London based barber Jack The Clipper is currently running a very successful photo contest encouraging customers to share pictures of their haircuts for the chance to win a free cut. Since the campaign began they've attracted a couple of hundred entries - and if each of those people have a hundred Instagram followers, well you get the point.


Let's be honest, quizzes are great aren't they? Whether you like curling up with a magazine and figuring out what 'mostly Bs' makes you or you're a regular on Buzzfeed, quizzes are everywhere and they're brilliant. Running a quiz to promote your brand is a great way of getting people involved. How about running a film quiz to win free cinema tickets? Or maybe a country capitals quiz for a free holiday? The possibilities are endless.

The major benefit of a quiz campaign is that it really engages your users with you and people really enjoy taking part in them. Our platform allows you to create them with ease and it can even select winners for you.

Case Study

heinz bean campaign


Okay, so Heinz isn't exactly a small business. But this quiz was still a brilliant way to get their social media following engaged with the launch of their "adult" baked beans range. 'Five Beans' was specifically marketed to a more mature audience with a more mature palette, but in the same fun way we all associate with the ketchup giants. The results were 22,000 quiz participants and 30,000 new Facebook fans. While we're not suggesting a small business can gain this level of following from a quiz, it proves how appealing they are to consumers. We just can't refuse finding out which bean we are.


Looking for a quick way to engage with your users and carry out some market research? Surveys offer you a unique way to poll your followers  on your services. Run a bar? Ask them to vote on their favourite drinks, winner gets a drink on the bar. Or maybe you own a restaurant? How about running a poll on the best you serve in return for the chance to win a free dinner? The possibilities are endless and it gives you valuable insights into how your customers feel about your company.

Case Study


Qdoba Mexican Grill is a chain of Mexican restaurants across the US, they ran a brilliantly clever survey-style marketing campaign based around choosing between two different dishes. The results were updated in real time and as a prize, everyone who'd registered for the winning dish got a free meal on results day. This campaign was fantastically executed not only as a social media campaign which excited their audience and probably brought in many new customers, but also as a tool for market research. In one easy step the company gathered a lot of quality information about the popularity of their dishes and generated a lot of brand attention.

Check out exactly how Beeliked can help you run a survey to promote your brand here.

Vine competitions

Want to be right at the forefront of emerging trends? Vine competitions are a brilliant way of engaging your audience and allowing them to display their creativity. Since its inception, Vine has become one of the most popular social networks around with more than 40 million users worldwide with users relishing the opportunity to show off their film making prowess.

Case Study

One of the best early examples was this brilliant campaign from the Cavendish Hotel in London:

[video width="480" height="480" mp4="http://blog.beeliked.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/132B0E60-31D4-4E81-981D-75D04AC0D0A8-3984-0000062C693DB0FB_1.0.51.mp4"][/video]

Entering with the hashtag ValentineVine, the most romantic vine uploaded won a nights stay for two at the hotel including dinner and drinks. This was the first, real vine contest and it generated a lot of attention, both from customers and from the international media. This campaign incorporated a winning formula of a popular holiday, a cute idea, a stellar prize and brilliant user generated content. In fact, as well as the publicity from direct customers the hotel received, the press coverage the campaign generated means they garnered a lot of  powerful backlinks from blogs, journals and online news websites, boosting the companies SEO.

POSTED ON Aug-28-2015


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