Curvy Kate Launch Twitter Campaign For National Kissing Day

It's national kissing day today (so my girlfriend Clodagh tells me) and to celebrate UK lingerie company Curvy Kate has launched a Twitter campaign with a microsite to pair you up with a kiss! 

By searching the Twitter API, the microsite scans who are you following and who you tweet to determine who you should be kissing!

Of course the application suggested I kiss my girlfriend, and hers chose me, however, I have a feeling this app could cause some arguments if wrong!

The app told BeeLiked we should be kissing our favourite Social Media Blog, so I've sent them a cheeky message...

I love this campaign, it's really simple, very nicely designed and a great way to put your brands name to one of the many national days that trend on Twitter!

I do think this this campaign could be improved. For instance the brand could have placed everyone who entered into a sweepstake to win a Curvy Kate prize to encourage more entries.

Also, the brand could have designed the microsite in a way that if it gets the kiss wrong, you can choose who you want to kiss and send them a message.

It would have also been nice when you share your kiss to Twitter, that it displayed an image of the pairing. I had to screenshot mine and then tweet it!

Nonetheless - still a really cool idea! Check out the campaign here. It was created by MyCleverAgency!


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POSTED ON Jun-20-2013
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