Create Your Best Social Easter Campaign Yet

by Sarah Lazell

Are you looking to do an Easter campaign this year? Here are a few classic Easter themes to inspire you.



Easter is about resurrection, rebirth and renewal, eggs are symbol of new life and Easter eggs are said to represent Jesus' emergence from the tomb.

They are an instantly recognizable way to show that this campaign is about Easter so you can get straight to the fun stuff.

Egg hunts are a great way to get your customers interacting online. They can be hidden on web pages or throughout your social media.

Use our X marks the spot app to create a compelling competition or try our hidden image quiz.


The end of the fast

Easter also signifies the end of Lent, when people would have been fasting for 40 days. Today it is still very common for people to give up something during this period, such as caffeine, spending time on their phone or chocolate to name a small few. Perhaps let your audience share their Lent stories about what they gave up and why?

Or you can offer a prize for those at the end of their fast with a simple RT to win competition and help them celebrate their achievements.

Easter holidays

An extended holiday from 14-17 April really brings out the creative side in people, be it cards, eggs, bonnets or cakes. Think about having competitions for the best dressed egg, or perhaps the best dressed head…

Our photo contest app can help you create a beautiful and highly viral photo competition and let your audiences show off their creativity. Remember to create a unique hash tag so the results can be enjoyed!

Bunny man.jpg


Spring time

Continuing on the theme of renewal, spring has arrived. Daffodils, bunnies, duckling, lambs are all very compelling.

Perhaps a photo competition asking readers to send in their favourite spring pictures or  ask them to create an Easter themed picture using your products.

Or you could choose an awesome  picture and run a caption competition?



Cracking puns!

Easter is the perfect time to showcase your egg-ceptional puns and yokes.

We recommend going crazy, hey if it's good enough for Harvey Nichols...




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