How To create A Viral Marketing Campaign For Small Businesses


Every marketing manager's dream is a viral campaign which is received well, employees across the globe spend millions of dollars and years thinking up ideas which might become hits. With BeeLiked's top tips you won't need all the spending power of Google to create something worth sharing:

  1. Make It About Your Customers

There's an unpopular truth I need to let you in on: People are vain. People like praise and attention and the best way to get them to spread your message out is to make it about them. How many Facebook friends do you have who constantly share out which Harry Potter character they are according to a quiz? Exactly. People like things which are about them, so line up your campaign accordingly.

Photo and video contests are a good idea, people are used to sharing images of themselves online.


2. Make It Positive

People like a happy ending. There's nothing more tragic than reading a book or watching a film which doesn't wrap itself up in a neat little ball at the end. If you want people to be more likely to share your campaign out make it uplifting. Think about Window's 10's recent campaign - insert or those Dove Beauty campaigns which spread across the world.

The base truth is - people like things which make them happy, so by making sure your marketing is cheerful you're making sure your marketing is successful.

3. Make It Funny

Everyone loves to laugh! It's one thing we all have in common. If something's funny, people are more likely to share it and you get to rest warm in the knowledge that you've done a good thing! Check out this campaign:

4. Make It Sad

Okay this directly contrasts with what we just said, I know. But the stats speak for themselves: sad adverts are much more likely to get a response than funny adverts and about five times more likely to be shared. They connect to us on a personal level. Check out Johnny Walker's brilliant example:

Just be careful, sometimes they can gather criticism - especially if you're exploiting a serious issue or event to sell a product. Remember Sainsburys Christmas advert?

5. Make It Inspirational

If there's one type of advertisement that really tugs at the heart strings its inspirational campaigns. Nike have always been wonderful at this, their campaigns are always on point.

To take advantage of this type of campaign think about who your customers are and consider what they would find inspiring. It's always an easier task for sports companies, but any underdog success story will work:

POSTED ON Jan-26-2016


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