Create your Black Friday Buzz


Love it or loath it, November 25th, also known as Black Friday is fast approaching. With 1.4 million tweets referencing Black Friday being made in the 7 weeks leading up to to the day in 2015, it is not a date anyone in commerce can miss.

On the day itself over 74.2 million people shopped, with more and more deciding to shop on online rather than face the crowds. With all the hype, how can you get noticed?

BeeLiked has ready to go campaigns that will help you create a buzz on the run up to Black Friday.

RT to Win
A simple retweet to win competition takes minutes to set up and lets your audience send your message for you. Announce the results on Black Friday so that everyone interested has a chance to pick up a bargain.

Top off the polls
Involve your audience in the Black Friday deals by letting them decide what they want to be discounted!

A video contest
Shoppers who view video are 1.81x more likely to purchase than non-viewers. By running a beautiful video campaign you will be able to engage with your customers like never before. Think about how you could use Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday in a campaign.

And on the days itself...

Price drop
An exciting collective buying campaign involving your customers. Put products on sale though out the day, each entry drops the price until the target is reached.

Inspired yet?

If you’re interested in upping your marketing game this year, take a look at BeeLiked. We offer easy to set-up social media marketing campaigns to suit every business and platform. From Twitter contests, to holiday-themed online games, there’s an option for every campaign.

Take a look now!

POSTED ON Oct-4-2016


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