Business Case Study: The Beano Shop

Sarah Lazell
March 25, 2019

beano_pngWe spoke to the Beano Shop about why they use BeeLiked to increase their opt-in data.

Note: Thank you to Alan Ward of the Beano Shop, who kindly took time out of his schedule to chat about his experience using BeeLiked. In the market for some Beano goodies? Please go and check it out!


The Beano brand


The Beano is one of those immediately identifiable brands. My parents bought it for me, as their parents bought it for them (the comic could sell 2 million copies a week in the 50s!). The comic has flourished for over 80 years, and this year will hit 4000 issues, making it Britain’s longest-running weekly comic. I must say it’s looking very good for its age!

Alan describes Beano in 2019 as an entertainment brand for kids - Beano Studios - that happens to have started out as a comic. Behind the history and nostalgia is a hard-working brand which has been re-imagined for a generation of digital natives. is a gold mine of digital content, and includes quality videos, games, quizzes and jokes. The brand is also on TV, with flagship shows like Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! and SO Beano! Enviable brands Beano has collaborated with include Stella McCartney and Ted Baker.

 Minnie The Minx Stella McCartney

Minnie the Minx Stella McCartney Kids

Beano isn’t just an entertainment company, the brand is an authority on kids. Beano’s weekly interviews with a team of trendspotters keep the company up to date with what children are talking about in the playground, and the website generates a huge amount of insight about what appeals to kids. This wealth of knowledge is not only utilised by Beano Studios: other brands and agencies can collaborate with Beano for Brands to make use of Beano’s unique position in the market.


The audience


The website is a safe space for children and offers parents peace of mind. The site has a number of certifications to back this up.

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However, the Beano Shop is separate from the children's site and is aimed at adults. It’s designed to appeal to all types of Beano fan, not just parents buying for their children, but also for those who grew up with the comic and still connect with it and enjoy a bit of nostalgia. Fans can buy a Beano annual from any year one has been published, going back to 1940, and there’s the Dennis and Gnasher Fan Club Pack, which many grown-up Beano fans will remember fondly from their youth.

As the brand develops, the Beano Shop is also branching out beyond the comic, supplying products related to media presentations like the Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! CBBC show.


Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!

Running a BeeLiked campaign


Alan explains Beano Shop BeeLiked campaigns don’t have a particular frequency, instead they are based around seasonal events with the lead-up to Christmas being the busiest time.

Recently it was World Book Day, which worked very well with the Beano brand. Some of the Beano characters’ birthdays are also celebrated with promotions. Alan mentions that in an ideal world they would run an average of one campaign a month.

Each company that uses the BeeLiked platform has a specific marketing goal, be it promoting a new product or gathering specific customer insights. In terms of the Beano Shop the main goal is to increase new newsletter subscribers, with a secondary objective of funnelling traffic towards the shop.


Why choose BeeLiked?


Alan explains why using the platform helps him hit his targets.

“BeeLiked offers a fun way to engage new potential Beano Shop customers and raise awareness of our products. It allows potential customers with a real interest in our offering to subscribe to our newsletter.”


Tracking results


BeeLiked’s software monitors each campaign to find out how many subscribers opted in for the newsletter. It also analyses whether users then shared the campaign on social media, and there is a further opportunity to switch on features that allow users to gain further entries the more they share, which has been successfully used by Beano in the past and is likely to be used again.

For the recent Spin the Wheel campaign, launched to coincide with World Book Day, there were opportunities to win prizes from the Beano Shop as well as discounts. The Beano Shop can track uses of particular discount codes. Even those who don’t win receive a code which prompts them to consider visiting the shop. Having these trackable codes helps follow the customer journey and shows what is working and what's not.




If like Beano you have a lot of previous campaigns, with a click of a button you can easily duplicate an older version and update any images or details you like and you then are ready to go again. 

Alan describes one of the benefits of using the platform is that it is easy to experiment. Once you have a few campaigns under your belt you can easily see the results and look at what worked and then improve it for next time. 

We like BeeLiked as a platform as we can be self-sufficient. We can use the template and then tweak it slightly, then the BeeLiked team is on hand to check it over.


Why use games?


Alan explains BeeLiked has worked successfully for Beano in the past because the game format grabs attention. Who can resist a free competition, and a genuine opportunity to win prizes?

The latest campaign for World Book Day, featuring the BeeLiked Spin the Wheel app. Prizes include merchandise from the shop and vouchers.

Beano World Book Day BeeLiked Spin the Wheel 2019

What'S next?


Alan has suggested that he aspires to increase the number of campaigns, and he’s also looking to run personalised campaigns - for example contacting someone when it’s their birthday, and incentivizing more organic social sharing.

By reflecting on each iteration of campaign you can look for ways to improve it for next time and make it more effective. Having a system that makes easy to make these changes means you can adapt quickly and produce better results.


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