Beeliked Studio Launches for 2017

Sarah Lazell
March 28, 2017


This year you will see some big changes on The BeeLiked Platform. Damian Dutton, CEO of BeeLiked talks us through what to expect, and how they can help brands produce amazing digital marketing campaigns.

So Damian, tell us what we can expect from BeeLiked in 2017?

It is exciting times at BeeLiked! We've been lucky enough to be allowed to let our imaginations run wild and develop some truly innovative digital marketing campaigns. Watch out for our upcoming launch of Dan Brown's new book Origin and John Grisham's latest novel, Camino Island.

In the fast moving world of digital marketing, it is essential to keep on top of trends and this is reflected in how our clients wish to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible, to ensure their campaigns stand out. Without revealing too much, I can tell you that there has been lots of innovative and imaginative features added into the platform, the most exciting of which is probably our new video personalization capabilities.

Tell us more about BeeLiked Studio?

BeeLiked Studio is the natural ‘next step’ in the evolution of our company, and what we can offer our clients. The studio is a collaboration with a range of skilled individuals and companies, which allows us to extend the range of creative services we are able to offer. It means that when considering options for larger digital campaigns we can bring in specialists such as 3D illustrators, film & video production, as well utilize our own in-house team of programmers and web designers.

What we offer is very flexible, so we work with clients who are looking to make their campaign vision a reality and we work with those who are just dipping their toe in the water and are looking for some creative brainstorming and advice. We can offer everything from a simple creative concept to an singing all dancing full service.

So far this year, we have worked with design studios, film crews, actors and illustrators to create really standout campaigns for our clients. And what is unique about BeeLiked, is that we start from a position of what our software is already capable of, and everything we build extends the platform's features for the benefit of all our clients. So when offering help with campaign concepts, we already know our current platform capabilities and any new functionality can be built in quickly and cost effectively.


Tell us a bit about who BeeLiked is for?

Good question! BeeLiked is for any brand with an existing audience base, looking for fun and effective ways to engage that audience, drive brand awareness and ultimately sales. We work within each client’s unique parameters and budgets, paying particular attention to audience demographics, data collection requirements, as well as brand sensitivities. Our goal is to help our clients create ongoing social engagement to drive traffic and sales.

You use the term Engagement Marketing to describe what BeeLiked does. Can you tell us more?

Yes, engagement marketing is really at the heart of BeeLiked. Perhaps it isn't a phrase that is so well known. Where a business has an existing customer base, we are able to create interactive digital experiences that grab their audience's attention, capture opt in marketing data and funnel traffic to where they really want it. For example with Visit Britain and The Beano, both brands channel traffic from contests powered by BeeLiked, to their online stores.

We want to go beyond the bottom line in just creating a campaign and take a more holistic approach, making sure that the right audiences are identified, data is being collected and the results meet our client's KPIs (key point indicators). Each campaign is a cycle of learning and progressing. We are looking to nurture brand advocates that engage regularly with your brand. This is rarely achieved with one off campaigns, but through a continual process of engagement that goes far beyond a mere ‘like’.


BeeLiked is a marketing platform offering a wide range of digital campaigns to help brands engage with their existing audiences and reach new customers through the viral and social nature of the contests and games. Our easy to use online platform is complimented by a highly creative team able to support both concept and content creation.

Talk to us today about how we can help create a buzz for your business.

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