Author: Joe Miller

5 Fun Photo Competitions To Learn From

Top 5 Halloween Social Media Campaigns

OCTOBER 31, 2013 AT 5:00 PM

5 Top Tips For Running A Video Contest

Nothing brings a memory to life better than film. Video contests are highly visual, entertaining and spark emotional reactions. Now, with the....

Twitter Competition Prize Ideas

AUGUST 14, 2012 AT 5:00 PM

Twitter Competitions: Rules and Best Practices

OCTOBER 26, 2012

5 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

OCTOBER 17, 2012 AT 4:50 PM

6 UK Twitter Campaigns To Learn From

SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 AT 12:15 PM

5 Great Twitter Competition Examples

JULY 17, 2014 AT 6:26 PMpg

Twitter is growing is up so fast. It seems like yesterday that the micro-blogging site burst it's way onto the scene,....

How To Use Instagram For Marketing Your Restaurant, Bar or Hotel

Photography specialist Instagram, with more than half a billion active users and now owned by Facebook, is the perfect tool for marketing your....

Why is Snapchat so popular & can brands leverage it?

MAY 09, 2013 AT 4:00 PM
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