Augmented and Virtual Reality for 2017

Sarah Lazell
December 12, 2016


It is very likely that many a Christmas present currently nestled under the tree will be a brand new VR headset this year. They are cheaper and more accessible and capable than ever before.

"50% of consumers who try a virtual reality (VR) headset enjoy it and make plans to purchase one, while 15% who try one then actually buy a headset" via Rapid TV News

Although mainly used for gaming we think that the potential for VR should not be underestimated. One of our predictions at BeeLiked is that 2017 will see VR go mainstream, giving opportunities for some truly unique and memorable campaigns. VR offers the viewer a chance to experience products in a new ways and connect like never before and we are looking forward to seeing the results.

Stuck for ideas on how to launch a VR campaign? Here are a few examples of very different ways that VR can be used.

Happy Googles

McDonald's trialled this campaign in Sweden earlier this year, allowing children to turn their happy meal box into a VR viewer a smartphone can be slotted into. They can then play a 360-degree downhill skiing game called Slope Stars. We think that games and competitions are a great way to use VR as a promotional tool and we are really looking forward to seeing how it will be used.


Decisions by Johnnie Walker

This shocking drink driving campaign for Christmas created an unforgettable experience following three interwoven stories, a woman celebrating success at her job, new parents heading out to enjoy their first date night after the birth of their baby and a group of friends enjoying a night out.  

Using VR as a way to educate or create realistic situations brings up so many new opportunities for memorable campaigns.  This video can also be viewed at YouTube 360, Facebook 360 and New York Times VR.



The Flåm railroad

VR and travel were always going to be a good fit, what better way to immerse yourself in a new landscape plus have the opportunity to try before you buy?

This incredibly relaxing video by allows the viewer access to a 360 degree experience of the steepest railway in the world. This virtual train ride shows you what travelling on Norway's beautiful Flåm railroad would look like. We love the idea of being a virtual tourist and watching the world go by.



 Do you have an amazing idea for a campaign?

The BeeLiked Platform helps brands launch highly viral digital marketing campaigns to expand their audience and grow their customer insight. The platform offers a diverse range of highly customizable contests, quizzes, games and user generated content campaigns, with no technical knowhow needed. In addition, our innovation team is able to work closely with brands to bring new campaign types and features and enhancements to the platform. Talk to us today about how we can help create a buzz for your business.

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