April Fools Pranks That Went Viral



Everyone loves a great April Fool’s and at Beeliked we are always interested in what makes people react to a prank. Here are a few that really got people buzzing, and sharing!

Look, there’s a speekuzslmn!

Simplicity is often the key to a great prank. A primary school teacher's daily spelling test quickly went viral on Facebook due to the baffling questions. Fourth grade teacher Joe Dombrowski delivered each unusual word with a straight face, much to the confusion of his pupils.

So far the video has been viewed more than 18 million times on Facebook.

Political ambitions

Actor and king of social media George Takei caused a frenzy when he announced via social media that he was running for U.S. Congress in California against House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes. In the current unsettled political climate, no-one felt completely sure it wasn't true...

George Takei.jpg


Google gnome

Google have redeemed themselves from last year’s mike-drop debacle, with the introduction of the Google gnome, the outdoor version of Google home. With a witty spoof advert and an adorable product with tiny accessories including a rain coat and a swimming float, you kind of wish they really existed!



Oh Snap!

There were a lot of sly smiles when Snapchat launched their new filter on Saturday!

If you took a picture with Snapchat and swiped right, the first filter was a fake Instagram overlay for your photos. Bonus points for the photos being liked by my_mom! This prank proved very popular with those in the tech industry.

Snap chat.jpg

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POSTED ON Apr-3-2017
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